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Shankar Ghosh's cd Dec 30, 2002 02:13 p.m.

Warren and others.... How do you like Shankar Ghosh's cd?
Re:Shankar Ghosh's cd Dec 31, 2002 11:12 a.m.

Jake (Dec 30, 2002 02:13 p.m.):
Warren and others.... How do you like Shankar Ghosh's cd?

I thought it was pretty interesting plus it had a nice insert with a lot of info . I was wondering if it is part of the material from your video since it covers the same
The only thing i would have liked is that there could have been lahara accompaniment . I think tabla takes on a different tone when played with lahara and it gives the listener a better feeling of the theka .
Samir Chatterjee has a similar tabla solo CD . Just tabla no other instrument. One thing about both CD's is that the performers cover very traditional standards and so they are both great reference CD's , important references for the Farrukhabad Gharana.
By the way if you want to hear what I think is one of the best recordings of Shankar Ghosh playing with Ali Akbar Khan it is actually available on that website it is Kirwani and Shankar Ghosh's accompaniment is absolutely fantastic , it's a classic!
Re:Shankar Ghosh's cd Dec 31, 2002 12:21 p.m.

The video covers more simple themes. Like first kaida of the video
Dha-gege tetegege tetegena tunnakena
Ta-keke tetekeke tetegena dhinnagena
Rela example from the video would be the same as first rela in Dutta's Poetic drumming :
Dha-tetegherenaga tagatetegherenaga
dha-tetegherenaga dha-tetegherenaga and then khali
This rela is probably familiar to all of you. The video shows the technics very well!!
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