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Filling in gaps Sep 01, 2002 04:08 p.m.


I've been learning tabla 5 months now and i have noticed that when i play the basic bhajan taal (din na din din na tin na tin tin na) it sounds really boring especially when played with slower bhajans.

I was just wondering if there was anything i could put in there to fill those gaps to make it sound better.

Please let me know.


Re:Filling in gaps Sep 01, 2002 11:05 p.m.

Well you will get fillers there are many but the thing is to keep the theka basic no matter what theka you play. That's a good tip from Zakir. If you establish the basic theka then you can add and change different things around it without getting boring or repetitive. At home practice slow , try putting one ge or 2 ge between each note , use ke's for kali section. you can even do 3 in between each note it's good practice . Practice putting tete's between each main bol , try doubling your na's . Then work around with it. Anyway that's not what you want to hear so here's a basic dhin, na, dhin, dhin- gege, na na | Tin, na, tin ke, tin ke, na na but remember the first part.
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