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Tanmoy Bose Solo - CD Review Aug 11, 2002 04:06 p.m.

Check out this website:

They just came out with a new Tanmoy Bose Tabla Solo which is awesome. Also, the CD comes with a lengthy liner (32 pages) with a transcription of the compositions played, an interview with Tanmoy and an educated analysis. I have the CD and it really says a lot about the new generation of tabla players. (only cost me $10.00). The beauty of this CD is that Tanmoy plays a host of some of the rarer compositions by masters like Kanai Dutt, Jnan Prakash Ghosh, Swapan Choudhuri and , Shankar Ghosh just to name a few.

Also, this is an up and coming label with a treasure of outstanding classical music to be released. Be sure to support the site.

Here are some of the upcoming releases:

Mallar Ghosh tabla solo (Jnan Gosh's Son)
Nayan Ghosh on Sitar (Jhinjoti)
Gundecha Bros (outstanding Dhrupad)
Prattyush Banerjee on Sarod (student of Buddhadev Das Gupta)

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