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Philippe Nasse
video tabla method Jun 14, 2002 06:49 a.m.

Tabla with Pandit Shankar Ghosh
Video method with book.

Collection � Le Salon de Musique �
From the ear to movement... from movement to the ear...

Who is Pandit Shankar Ghosh ?

Born in 1935, Pandit Shankar Ghosh is ackowleged as one of the great contemporary masters of Indian percussion.
Pandit Shankar Ghosh is not only a musical educator, but is also a concert artist whose international notoriety asserted itself as early as 1962, during concerts in the company of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Ravi Shankar, Vilayat Khan, Bade Ali Khan...

This video method included :

A documentary : � Calcutta, capital of tabla � 47 �
This film presents the artistic and educational environement of the tabla, as well as its manufacturing.
Many musical sequences ( with sarode, sitar, vocals,tabla solo, tabla duo) help to appreciate the

Tabla lessons 75 �
Pandit Shankar Ghosh presents the differents strokes (boles) that will allow you to play tabla. You will have the opportunity to study� themes and variations� compositions ( Kaida; Rela; Laggi,..) and �fixed compositions� ( Tukra, Gat, Chakradar�
Tabla tunnig is also esplained.

A book. 84 p
It contains all the scores of the themes proposed in the video together with many additional variations, a history of tabla and a glossary of the main technical terms.

Distribution and order :

Improductions - Le Salon de Musique.
Bp 10156 - Bornel - 60541 Meru cedex - France
tel / fax : 33 03 44 08 88 14

Price :
45 euros + 10 euros for shiping in US . 6 euros for CEE.
by check or international postal paiement to improductions

Re:video tabla method Jun 14, 2002 08:40 a.m.

Hey Philippe Nasse,

would appreciate if u would stop posting the same message over and over again. Not that this message board belongs to me but....I guess there are better things to talk about!

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