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Differences between the various Gharanas? Jun 03, 2002 11:44 p.m.

Hello, I was hoping someone could provide some background & historical info on the different tabla gharanas and the general characteristics of each.

I am just curious, that's all.

Re:Differences between the various Gharanas? Jun 04, 2002 07:25 p.m.

There is a great book by master tablaji Girisha Chandra Shrivastav from Varanasi called "Tabla Wadan", there is a very complete explanation of the lineage of the different gharanas and examples of typical kaidas, gat, relas, etc. from each gharana, I recomend this book for any tabla student, I have found there a lot of interesting compositions in different talas such as sulfakta, Ada chautaal, Dhamar and rupak.
That is a very old book, so I don't know if there are new editions on market or if it has been translated into english or other languages.
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