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Message to David -Anindo in Austin & more Apr 16, 2002 02:42 p.m.

How are you guys doing ? the website looks good but my tablasite links go to the
website now. Did they do that or did you sale your domain name?

Peter Cutchey received a number of tabla with broken puddi's so I have been putting heads on and getting better at it
The only thing I used to do was put a little water around the inner lip but I haven't been doing that now and I don't
remember why I had to do that , the drums are coming out nicely.

So Peter should have some nice sets he will be selling in the 250 range that would normally go for more
in case any are interested

Anyway things are going to be hot here in Austin this summer

Gourishankar Karmaker will be teaching May 4 and 5
Samir Chatterjee and Rashid Khan will be in Austin May 18th, no workshop planned yet
Pandit Anindo Chatterjee teaches May 25th and 26th
Aashish Khan and brother Pranesh Khan are expected June 15th (Tentative tabla workshop with Pranesh)
Pandit Sadanand Naimpalli teaches June 30th
If anyone wants to enquire they can e-mail me at

I am about to add about 200 compositions to our Austin tabla website, you are welcome to use any for your own site

Maybe we will meet again at this years Zakir concert in Houston I am thinking about going.


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