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dheneghene/ Mar 11, 2002 04:00 a.m.

how is dheneghene played,and tinetinaken?
Re:dheneghene/ Mar 11, 2002 03:17 p.m.

If I take "DheNeGheNe" to mean "Dhin Na Ge/Ghe Na"; "Tin Na Ki Na" is actually a non-base version of "Dhin Na Ge/Ghe na". That means, to play it, play like "TinNaKiNa" but add "Ge" on base for 1st and 3rd beat!

Good Luck!

Dave (bolcut)
Re:dheneghene/ Apr 15, 2002 01:30 p.m.

DheneGhene is actually its own thing. I think it's funny I'm battling this out with rahul again. It's an advanced stroke that would be much easier to learn from a live teacher or video, but here goes:
dhe (open ply w/pointer finger like dhi)
ne (ring finger brushed lightly over the gub towards the left)
ghe (probably middle and ring fingers on baya)
ne (ring finger, should stick this time not slide in order to set you up for what you'll play next.)
Dave (bolcut)
Re:dheneghene/ Apr 15, 2002 01:36 p.m.

Well here's what I get for being a smartass!
I forgot the bass (baya) fingering on the first beat.
Re:dheneghene/ Apr 16, 2002 04:34 a.m.

Sorry Dave,but I have to agree with Rahul.
And to Kev, this are two different ways how to play DheNeGheNe. Just pick the one you think its the most easiest for you.
Sometimes it is confusing,true. For example GheReNaGhe. With my first teacher I learned it to play like GHe - Re (with ringfinger on the sur or kinar) -Na (with pointfinger) -Ghe.
My second teacher told me just to play it like GheNaNaGhe. Two times with pointfinger.
How you guys play it?
Dave (bolcut)
Re:dheneghene/ Apr 16, 2002 05:01 p.m.

I'll see your 2 cents and raise you a nickle! I actually agree with Rahul (but it wouldn't be in character if I agreed completely.) Someone out there must know what I'm talking about? You can hear the difference on some bols when they are played by not sticking the dhe & ne (ie brushing your fingers lightly over the gub), especially by some of the great players of old like Ahmedjan. The effect is an almost ethereal open sound. I'll stop arguing my point though, I swear...even if it kills me!) Kev, as far as tinetina (kena), please refer back to that other big thread that I got in on re: ne vs. na. (once you've learned tinetina I'll start a thread about alternate ways to play Ti, of which there are of course many!)
Re:dheneghene/ Apr 16, 2002 05:05 p.m.

dhene is an advanced bol and everybody starts out playing this wrong mainly because tabla players learn slowly year by year to move there hands less to make each note.You use fairly minimal movement for dhene. Anyway a good way to learn dhene gene is to play dhati ghene several times then switch to dhene gene
dhe (not to be confused with dhet) is played with the first finger like tun only not quite as far to the center of the gab(shyhai)
ne is played with the 3rd finger hitting on the sur right where you normally station it to hit na. ne should have a resonant tone the dhe and ne should be balanced in tone except dhe also has baya (ghe) . we play dhene gene very fast and also dhene dhene [dhene gene taka dhene gene dhene dhati kene tine kene taka dhene gene dhene dhati gene] you can change that to dhene dhene taka dhene... and also for taka you can change that to "tuk -" which is na with snap on the kinar . tene kene is the kali version but tinetiNA keNA you play the na proper and this phrase is used in a lot of adanced kaidas like dha tere,kita taka, trekre tine, tina kena. Also fast gadhi gene is played exactly the same as dhene for notes dhi and ne only no baya on dhi so you can check yourself by playing dhene gene 3x then gadi gene 3x your finger should be hitting exactly the same way for dhe and di. Here's a nice rela
dhene gene, tuk dhene, gene dhene,na na gene play tuk with the first finger.

kev (Mar 11, 2002 04:00 a.m.):
how is dheneghene played,and tinetinaken?
Re:dheneghene/ Apr 18, 2002 01:14 p.m.

Agree with Dave here on this bol:
Dhe-Like the regular Dhin (Dhun), open sound on dayan by sweeping left to right, striking with Index finger (1st finger). Baya plays Ge
Ne-Sweeping right to left this time to produce open sound similar to Dhe. Dayan is struck with 4th finger. Usually considered o.k. for hand to move away from tabla on follow through-normally not a good thing. This is one of the hardest single strokes to play on the tabla-keep practising!
Ge-Standard open Ge
Ne-4th finger (ring) comes down right edge of gob near the sur for a dry stroke. Pinky should be close by for support. May see this as written as "Re".

Of course a teacher is required to explain and demonstrate this properly. If you're not sure what a "Ne" means (since it is written here twice), generally it will be the dry stroke if it is followed by a Kinar stroke (Na, Dha), since playing it as the sweeping stroke followed by immediately by a kinar stroke would be extremely awkward (give this a go to see).

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