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Buying a tabla in Delhi? Feb 23, 2002 06:12 a.m.

I'm sorry if this is the kind of thing that is covered in an archive somewhere, but connections here in India are slow and it's taking me forever to search.

I'm travelling through India and will be returning to Delhi for a few days next week before I leave the country. When I was there last month, I had a chance to buy a tabla "w/ all accessories" for Rs 1500. Is that outrageously cheap? Too good to be true? Everything else here is so cheap, so I'm not sure. I'm a total beginner (though I've done other kinds of percussion). Is there a relatively easy way to judge the quality of an instrument? Any advice?

Re:Buying a tabla in Delhi? Feb 23, 2002 07:35 a.m.

I bought my pair of tabla in calcutta for 3000Rs. I think it's a very good tabla.
Try to hear someone playing the tabla that you want.
the best way would be to have a friend that can play, or to have a teacher that could recommend.
Anyway, find a teacher first I think. It 's the best way to start.
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