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Sitting position Nov 18, 2001 06:39 p.m.

Hello everybody. Im a tbla player from spore. My name's Kamal. I hav a qtn. When we play tabla, do we need to use our left shin or knee to support the dugga so as to prevent it from moving? There r two ways i sit; one is where imy left shin touches the dugga and therefore the dugga doesnt move so much, the other position is where my shin doesnt stouch the dugga, so it may move a little, sometimes too much. The problem is i find the second position more comfortable. Is it a must for a tabla player to use his knee or shin to douch the dugga? Pls tell me what i shld do. Thanx!
Re:Sitting position Nov 19, 2001 12:40 p.m.


I think, choice of sitting is more or less personal. Even though I am taught to keep some distance between the body and Tablas( no touching ), I believe that some adjustment to sitting poses might be required based on the Player's stature and/or physical condition.

If you are short stature, try putting a thin/thick pillow on the floor and sit on it while playing. The effect might be that you can control both Bayan/Dayan comfortably.

Hope this helps you!

Re:Sitting position Dec 02, 2001 02:53 a.m.


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