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tabla cymru
Learning the tabla Oct 28, 2001 02:48 p.m.

Living in rural Wales far from any Indian communities i am finding it hard to find either a tabla tutor or suitable tabla learning aids. Can anyone suggest tabla resources that have helped them learn - from the very beginning - I don't even know how to tune them!
Your help really would be appreciated.


Re:Learning the tabla Oct 28, 2001 03:52 p.m.

Tuning of the tabla is very important, and sadly all the written descriptions of the tuning process didnt help me much before I found a teacher. If you are going to try to tune them up before getting a teacher than dont hit the gajara very hard with the hammer, and DONT hit the straps, hit inbetween them. What would help is seeing someone do it, or a video of someone doing it. That was a problem with Davids introduction video, it never showed him acually tune, just tell you how. But it is a good video. I suggest you seek a teacher if at all possible, but if not, then get the fundementals of tabla and a video about the bols. If you are going to learn on your own, it will be hard.
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