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swar systems Oct 07, 2001 02:57 p.m.

hey im sure theres plenty of people in this forum that have downloaded the swarsahala 2.0 program into your only problem is, how do i downloaded other instruments into it,such as sitar or sarod or pakwahaj? ive downloaded the sound into my computer plenty of times but when i try to play says i didnt download it...anyone have any clue why?
Re:swar systems Oct 08, 2001 03:14 a.m.


I don't have the full application but when trying to use the sample program, I think I had the same problem. When you start the program and choose say, tabla sounds from file menu, a dialog box will come up with title 'set wave files path'. What you have to do is to change the path shown in the text field to a path where you have saved your files. The default path will be "C:\ProgramFiles\SwarSystem\tabla". You may have saved you files in say, "C:\Music\India\Rapture\Swarsystem\tabla". Once you have changed your path, then you must save it so that every time you start the application it will remember your new path.

Hope that helps

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