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Lots of Questions Sep 25, 2001 05:03 a.m.

Hello Friends - My salutations to all !

I have been following this newsgroup and I have to say that I am beginning to get a lot of good tips for tabla playing etc., I have been doing a lot of litreature survey in addition to my regular practice. I have a variety of questions on this great topic of tabla itself. Any tips, guidance, pointers etc, from you all will not only benefit me but also a host of others who are reading this newsgroup but have always wondered about these questons. Here we go with the questions:

1. I saw on tabla site a bibliography of great books. Are these books (some of which are very old) available in India? If so where exactly? The addresses and places given are not sufficient. I need exact addresses or e-mail contacts or phone nos.

2. Why is there so much price differential in tablas between India and USA? If we buy Tabla in India it will cost a lot less compared to the same tabla bought in USA. I am sure there are reasons other than supply/demand, shipping, profits etc.,

3. Are the books on tablas that are published in USA available in India also? If so where exactly? So far I have not been able to locate them.

4. Where are the best tablas shops in India? Are the prices reasonable in these shops?

Looking forward to some good adviced and info on the above topics.

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