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Tabla Microphone Jun 26, 2001 03:04 p.m.

A question for people with experience in this area...

I want to mic my tabla set with a single dynamic microphone. Will this work? For example, do you think I could use a single Shure SM57 microphone for both drums? (It's for stage performance, not recording.)

Thanks for any assistance!

Re:Tabla Microphone Jul 10, 2001 07:00 a.m.

You can, I'd rather go for two mic's but yeah it'll work.

Depending on your playing style you will have to think hard about your placement. I tend to put the mic 90 degrees clockwise round the tabla from where my index finger strikes on a Na stroke. This is pretty good provided you're not planning to play any Dheri strokes. If you're likely to be playing Dheri strokes then you'll need to keep the mic(s) higher up, or further off the drums, which means that you'll need to push the gain on the desk which will increase the chance of feedback.

Good luck,


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