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Drums of India by RPG Apr 12, 2001 06:04 a.m.

Hi I have recently brought a CD called drums of India with the front picture being Ustad Ahmad Jaan Thirakhwa. The problem is that the CD has 12 tracks but it does not list the players for each of these 12 tracks as any other CD would. It just names 4 masters but I don't know who is playing each track. If any one has this CD could they give me the tabla masters name playing for each of the tracks.

Thanks John

Gabe Halberg
Re:Drums of India by RPG Apr 12, 2001 07:43 a.m.

I have the recording on cassette, Here's what the liner notes say:

Side A
Ustad Ahmad Jaan Thirakhwa:
Teental Peshkar, Teental Kaida,
Teental, Teental, Dhamar, Ektal

Side B
Ustad Ahmad Jaan Thirakhwa:
Pt. Samta Prasad:
Teental, Jhaptal
Amir Hussain Khansahib & Pt. Madhavrao Alkutkar (pakhawaj)
Jhaptal & Jhampa, Roopak & Dhamar

Tracks aren't listed by number, but Thirakhwa Khansahib plays first, then Samta Prasad, then the jugalbandi with tabla and pakhawaj together.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Gabe Halberg

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