Name: Kripa Baskaran
E-Mail: natyarpana@yahoo.com
Field: Bharatnatyam
Address: Hindu Temple of Wisconsin, Pewaukee and Brookfield
Telephone: 262 438 9807
Misc. Info: Natyarpana school of Bharatnatyam in Madison and Milwaukee (classes conducted at the Hindu temple of Wisconsin, Pewaukee) Natyarpana is directed by Mrs.Kripa Baskaran in an effort to promote Indian culture and traditional values through the art form of Bharatnatyam. Kripa Baskaran is a student of Kalaimamani Dr.Ambika Kameshwar, Chennai and has been teaching the art form for over 15 years. Natyarpana offers training in the following areas.natyarpana@yahoo.com.

Name: Romail Bhatti (Shazad)
E-Mail: tablathedrum@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla Pakistani and Hindustani Vocal etc:
Address: 2024 Kilps Drive Waukesha Wl 53188
Telephone: 262-751-3317
Misc. Info: I belong to Punjab Gharana . www.musicbyromail.com call and ask about fee, or class i charge 25 $ for 45 mins or ask more!!!

Name: Chandini
E-Mail: chandini320@gmail.com
Field: Bharatanatyam, semi-classical, folk, fusion, bollywood, and vocal.
Address: 243 Royal Oak Ct., Pewaukee WI 53072
Telephone:(262) 527-1020
Misc. Info: I am trained in bharatanatyam and have many years of experience. I am a well known bollywood and filmi dancer. I have performed at numerous events and venues. I can train, teach, and choreograph students in a variety of different styles. I can choreograph dances in any language and I know a numerous number of Indian languages. I have training in indian classical music as well. I have my own studio where I conduct my classes. My students perform at numerous well known venues multiple times in the year. I am able to work my schedule and cost according to my student's needs. Please give me a call or email for more information.

Name: Deepa Devasena
E-Mail: aarabhischool@gmail.com
Field: Kathak, Bollywood, Bhangra, Folk Dance
Address: New Berlin, Greenfield, Brookfield, Mequon, Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Telephone: 414-477-5693
Misc. Info: Please check www.aarabhi.com for more information. Deepa Devasena is the founder, artistic director and choreographer for Aarabhi Indian dance school. She achieved Diploma in Bharatanatyam from Bangalore university and Bachelors degree in Kathak from Allahabad university. Deepa has been trained in Bharatanatyam under late Sundari Santanam and Smt.Radha Sridhar. Deepa Devasena has studied the Lucknow style of Kathak under the direction of Ms. Kiran Chouhan, senior disciple of the legendary Pandit Birju Maharaj. She has undergone further training in expressive and interpretative aspects of Kathak from Smt.Nirupama and Shri.Rajendra.

Name: Pooja Dhaliwal
E-Mail: pooja_imi@yahoo.com
Field: Hindustani Classical Vocal, Semi Classical, Light, folk and Sitar
Address: Milwaukee, WI U.S.A.
Telephone: 414-465-0143
Misc. Info: Masters in Hindustani Classical music from Punjab University Chandigarh, Gold Medalist. Learned music under the guidance of my father, Prof. Chaman Lal Bhalla, who is a Doyen of Hindustani Classical Music.

Name: Meenakshi Ganesan
E-Mail: meena@kalaanjali.com
Field: Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance), and Indian folk dance
Address: 1413 Dayflower Dr Madison, WI 53719
Telephone: 608-833-3102
Misc. Info: Meenakshi Ganesan (608-833-3102) is the founder of the Kalaanjali School of Dance & Music, and has been performing Bharatanatyam for almost two decades. Meenakshi has a degree in Bharatanatyam and has won tens of awards and gold medals for her performances, including the title of "Nrithya Mayuri" (dancing peacock). The primary focus of Kalaanjali is the offering of training in Bharatanatyam although lessons are also offered for traditional folk dances and semi-classical dances. At Kalaanjali, Bharatanatyam students get a rigorous training in the Natyashastras, the foundational body of knowledge associated with Bharatanatyam. For more information, please visit the Kalaanjali website at www.kalaanjali.com or contact Meenakshi at meena@kalaanjali.com.

Name: Anu Kelkar
E-Mail: ask7x12@gmail.com
Field: Kathak , Folk, Bollywood
Address: Brookfield WI
Telephone: 717-307-5653
Misc. Info: Anu Kelkar offers training in Indian classical dance Kathak, Indian Folk dance & Bollywood dance. Anu Kelkar is trained in Kathak Nritya from prestigious Gandharva Mahavidyala University under Guru Dr Manjiri Deo. Please contact 717-307-5653 for more details.

Name: Ragani
E-Mail: ragani@raganiworld.com
Field: Kirtan
Address: Kirtan with Ragani, Milwaukee, WI 53217
Misc. Info: www.RaganiWorld.com (website) - Official website for Ragani, award-winning artist & producer and leader of Milwaukee's ongoing monthly Kirtan with Ragani, one of the largest independent, ongoing kirtan scenes in the U.S. Named in OnMilwaukee.com's "100 Milwaukeeans You Need to Know", Ragani has been featured on FOX & NBC affiliates, in numerous international publications (Recording Magazine, Ode, etc.), and she is the yoga model for the award-winning book, Yoga: Mastering the Basics (and its two accompanying videos). At age eight, Ragani met the legendary yoga master, Swami Rama, former Shankaracharya of India, who personally trained her in yoga sciences, meditation, and eastern music. With over 30 years of live Kirtan with Ragani events, Ragani's kirtan and mantra beat songs have been top sellers at iTunes and CDBaby, and she is featured in the kirtan documentary movie, Sutra. In addition, Ragani currently writes music for film & tv and leads sacred retreat tours to India.

Name: Vijaya Rajaraman
E-Mail: vijayarajaraman@hotmail.com
Field: Saraswathi Veena Address: 3324 Nightingale Court, Middleton, (Closer to Beltline) WI-53562
Telephone: (608) 833 8832
Misc. Info: I learnt Bharathanatyam and Veena from Late. Smt. K. Lalitha, Director of Sri Saraswathi Gana Nilayam, Triplicane, Chennai, India. I had given many dance performances myself and also with other students of that school. I have earned the lower grade technical examination certificates both in Dance and Veena conducted by Government of Tamilnadu. I have about 5 to 6 years of teaching experience in Veena lessons at Chennai before coming to USA. I am giving my Veena lessons to the local community in Madison, WI for the past 4 years and still continuing. I am also performing and showing my talents in the local community events. Those who wish to  learn Veena, may contact me over phone. Classes are mostly on Weekdays. If there is a need, I am flexible also to weekends.

Name: Madhumanti Sardar
E-Mail: raga_madhu@yahoo.com
Field: Sitar
Address: Madison University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, Wisconsin, USA
Misc. Info: I am a professionally trained Sitarist under Rampur Maihar Gharana (of Pandit Ravi Shankar) for 20 years and an All India Radio artiste. Costs of lessons are available on request. Special discounted rates for students and courses for Summer 2012. I am presently 1st year doctoral student at UW-Madison.

Name: Jai Sovani-Garud
E-Mail: jai.garud@gmail.com
Field:Vocal- indian Classical/Bhajan/Semi classical
Address: Brookfield, WI
Telephone: 248- 470- 0391
Misc. Info: I started learning music from the tender age of 8 and went on to graduate in Music. I am trained f in gurukul pattern under one of India's best classical singer of our times "Ganasaraswati Kishori Amonkar" and currently under the tutelage of Smt. Arati Ankalikar- Tikekar. I have been awarded many accolades and scholarships during her career in India like Kalyani Karandak, Swar Madhuri, and Govt. of India Scholarship to name a few. I am interested performing/teaching Indian Classical Vocal as well as bhajans and Semi-classical songs.

Name: Lavanyaa Surendar
E-Mail: aumperformingarts@gmail.com
Field: Bharatnatyam & Vocal
Address: Milwaukee, Seboygan, Green bay
Telephone: 503-333-9860
Misc. Info: www.aumperformingarts.com Started in 1978, Aum shares passion and dedication in teaching one of the oldest form of art known to mankind - BharthaNatyam, a traditional Indian dance. This style of dance emerged in the southern part of India in the early 17th century along with yoga and is known to have a lot of similarities with yoga mudras and postures.While there are a lot of styles that exists in BharathaNatyam, Aum specializes in researching, understanding, cherishing, mastering and then teaching the oldest style of BharthaNatyam - The Tanjore Style.

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