Name: Dr. Anshu Chaturvedi
E-Mail: anshu.chaturvedi.28@gmail.com
Field: Vocal music and Dance (Semi classical)
Address: Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: 0988268208
Misc. Info: Ph.D. in Indian Music from University of Rajasthan, Double Masters in Music.

Name: Mahima Rajangam Natarajan
E-Mail: mahima.natarajan@gmail.com
Field: Carnatic Vocal Music
Address: On Nut, Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: +66617348511
Misc. Info: Trained Carnatic Singer. Have performed in a lot of concerts back in India and have good experience in teaching.

Name: Nishi Thongoyd
E-Mail: nishimalhotra44@hotmail.com
Field: Indian Bollywood dance
Address: Ekamai, Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: 0066-831383430
Misc. Info: Trained dancer from the city of bollywood, mumbai; performed at many stage shows;

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