Name: Sergio Bulgakov
E-Mail: sergiobulgakov@hotmail.com
Field: Sitar
Address: Buenos Aires (capital, cerca de callao y corrientes)
Telephone: 54 11 4951 5763
Misc. Info: www.bulgakov.com.ar

Name: Dha Maharaj
E-Mail: dhamaharaj@gmail.com
Field: Tabla (Dilli gharana & Benares gharana)
Address: Caracas-Venezuela
Telephone: 0058.414.974.8557
Misc. Info: I studied dilli gharana at Gandharva Mahavidlayala, New Delhi and Benares gharana at Varanasi as direct disciple and ganda bandh shagird from Pt. Kishan Maharaj (Sept. 1923 - May. 2008). Others teachers are: Pt.Ram Kumar Mishra (Pt. Anukelal Mishra grandson), Pt. Kishori Mishra (Pt. Sarda Sai disciple) , Shubh Maharaj (Pt. Kishan Maharaj grandson) and Pt. Ayuth Ram Bhandari (Pt. Anukelal Mishra disciple) at Nepal. More information regarding me can be viewed at www.myspace.com/ulisesfarias.

Name: Diego O. Estevez
E-Mail: diegomusician@hotmail.com
Field: Sitar / Tabla
Telephone: (0054-351)-453-2077 (Digits Between Brackets Are For International Calls)
Misc. Info: www.facebook.com/diego.estevez.sitar -- http://sargamcba.blogspot.com (Spanish) Misc. Info: Diego Estevez is a musician, who digged into many instruments and styles, but has devoted especially to Sitar and Indian Classical music. Co-founder and current coordinator of SaRGaM CBA Indian Music School, Diego is a pioneer in Cordoba (Argentina) in both Sitar and Hindustani music, who received training from masters such as Krishna Chakravarty and G.S. Sahchdev (his current guru). Nowadays, he teaches along with a staff of teachers (for the fields of Tabla, Harmonium, Vocal Music, etc) regularly, performs concerts and offer workshops all across Argentina, and He is often a guest and solo studio artist. He is one of only three artists in Argentina sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic Of India in this country.
SPANISH: Diego Estevez es un musico que explor� en varios instrumentos y estilos, pero se ha dedicado completa y especialmente al Sitar y la m�sica cl�sica de la India. Co fundador y actual coordinador de SaRGaM CBa (escuela de musica de la India), Diego es un pionero en Cordoba tanto en Sitar como en m�sica Hindustani, quien recibi� ense�anza de maestros como Krishna Chakravarty y G.S. Sachdev (actual Guru). Hoy, Diego ense�a junto a un staff de profesores (para los campos de Tabla, Armonio, Vocal, etc), ofrece conciertos y talleres regularmente en todo el pa�s, y es artista tanto invitado como de estudio. Es uno de s�lo tres m�sicos en Argentina avalados por la Embajada de la India en este pais.

Name: Güngur, Indian Fine Arts
E-Mail: info@gungur.com
Field: Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi
Address: Armenia 2325, Buenos Aires Argentina
Telephone: 4833-5204
Misc. Info: www.gungur.com

Name: Rajesh Kelkar
E-Mail: rajesh_kelkar@hotmail.com
Field: Hindustani Vocal, Harmonium
Address: Kasabaholoweg 13, Uitvlugt, Paramaribo. Suriname (West Indies)
Telephone: 00 597 430984 / 530409
Misc. Info: Ex Sr. Lecturer from historic M.S. University of Baroda-Gujarat, came Surinae on Govt. of India assignment at the cultural center of the Indian Embassy. I belong to Agra-Gwalior-Jaipur gharana. Now has started my own school and teaching over 100 students, using the new self developed teaching methodology for foreign students learning indian music. Expert in lesser known ragas and compositions with a wide collection or recordings of rare artistes used whild teaching.

Name: Steven Landsberg
E-Mail: slandsberg@ragascape.com
Field: Sitar and Surbahar
Address: : Pedro Gonzales, Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Telephone: 58-412-3504063
Misc. Info: I studied Sitar and Surbahar with Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan, seventh generation of Senia masters from Maseet Senji. Most information regarding Mushtaq Ali Khan and myself can be viewed at www.ragascape.com Please have a look.

Name: Sahadi Mahfouz (Parvati)
E-Mail: centroculturaldelaindia@gmail.com
Field: Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Odissi and Bollywood.
Address: Gimnasio del Hotel Ávila, Avenida Jorge Washington, Urbanización San Bernardino, Caracas, D.C., Venezuela. South América.
Telephone: 0058-414 125 98 40
Misc. Info: Since 30 years ago I studied Bellydance, Kathak, Baratha Natyam, Odissi and Bollywood. Actually I work directly with Indian Embassy in my country, Venezuela. I receive a major recognized to my work from Indians Citizens. Besides, I have created a Cultural Indian Center since 2008. We organized Indian Style Shows to different kind of festivities and celebrations. In facebook are many details and photos of these points. And also in our portal web www.centroculturaldelaindia.ning.com

Name: Daniel Mele
E-Mail: danimele@fibertel.com.ar
Field: Tabla
Address: Estado de Israel 4621 14C, Buenos Aires, 1185 Argentina
Telephone: 4856-0601
Misc. Info:

Name: Barbara Mintz
E-Mail: bhava_dance@hotmail.com
Field: Odissi dance
Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Telephone: 4803 3870
Misc. Info: Private lessons in Odissi dance offered and workshops. www.rightangle.com/bhava www.bhavadance.wordpress.com (in Spanish)

Name: German Paz
E-Mail: pazgerman@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Buenos Aires - Capital Federal
Telephone: 011 4611 4385
Misc. Info: Everything About Tabla

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