Name: Zohaib Hassan Khan Amritsari
E-Mail: zohaibhassan.zebi@gmail.com
Field: Sarangi
Address: Lahore, Pakistan
Telephone: +92-301-4572871
Misc. Info: http://zohaibhassanamritsari.com Approved as �AA� Category instrumentalist (Sarangi Player) in Radio Pakistan. Cost of lesson is equivalent to $35 us dollars ( 1 Hour Lesson), or $120 Package ( 4 X 1 Hour Lesson). Available in person or through skype. Skype Name: zohaib.zebi1

Name: Umair Arif
E-Mail: umairkathakdancer@gmail.com
Field: Kathak , Eastern Dances , yoga
Address: Islamabad, Pakistan
Address: 0336-6130685
Misc. Info: he has done more then 150 projects as a performer, choreographer & teacher in diffrent schools, art institutes, tv & non commercial theater. Recently researching on Dance/Movement therapy for rehabilation for Drugs & Alcohol addicts & speacial children & also working with Half Apple Event management as official choreographer & Performer. Introduced Neonic Sufi Dance 1st time in Pakistan. Working as head Choreogrpher in Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad.

Name: Nisar Danial.
E-Mail: nisardanialnd@yahoo.com
Field: Music teacher experience more than 30 years.
Address: Rawalpindi,Punjab and Pakistan.
Telephone: 92-332-5872517
Misc. Info: Radio,Tv singer and Composer B.A Music 1974 from University of Punjab Lahore Age 62 years with good and sound health. First Music Theropist of the country. Having a lot of public and government awards gold medals including the best award of the country. My Songs ablum which can be heared on youtube.com internet. My latest interview and performance on PTV in programme Raat Geay on 14th march 2010. Much interested in teaching indian classical vocal music ghazal,geet etc.

Name: Ehtishamuddin Hussain
E-Mail: meerji@gmail.com
Field: Vocal
Address: Ibn-e-Suleman Manzil, Behind Ustad Bahauddin Qawal Street, Shoe Market, Karachi 74400, Pakistan
Telephone: +92 21 32742861, +92 334 3911417
Misc. Info: website www.qawalbachchay.com

Name: Nafees Ahmad Khan
E-Mail: nafees33@yahoo.com
Field: Sitar
Telephone: 00-92-333-2334111
Misc. Info:

Name: Ustad Ghulam Shabir Khan sb
E-Mail: sunnykoool_1@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Muslim Mohallah Bhedi Potra Near Chok Shadeeda Multan Pakistan.
Telephone: +92-300-7404052
Misc. Info: Gharana Punjab Gharana, Solo and acompaniment. son of Legendary Tabla Player of Pakistan Baba Mashooq Ali Khan Sb who were senior disciple of Ustad Mian Kadir Baksh Pakhawaji of Punjab Gharana

Name: Chaman Lal
E-Mail: chaman_PT@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Hazoori Bagh Road Multan Pakistan
Telephone: +92-333-3256772
Misc. Info: Gharana Punjab Gharana, Solo and acompaniment

Name: Ustad Muhammad Umair Nazir
E-Mail: decent_umair4u@hotmail.com
Field: Vocal, Harmonium, Key board, Sitar, Guitar, Tabla.
Address: Cantt, Lahore Pakistan.
Telephone: +92(0)321-9409468
Misc. Info: umair is a 20 years old boy belong to lahore, he is probably the one who is named by Ustad, "teacher of music": he was only 10 years old when he started to learn music from Ustad Yousaf Ali Khan Sahib. His first teacher told him about the base's of music including Alaap, Sargem, Alankar, and the 10 thaat and Raags system. but the craze didnt freezed and he started to learn the other geners of music including Raagni and Taals system, and the sytels of performing raag's such as Dhurpada, Khyal, Thumri, and Ghazal. He is expert in playing Harmonium, Keyboard, Sitar, Guitar, & Tabla. The craze didnt stop and he started to get online musical lessons through internet, he contacted with Pandit Radehy Gupta, Professor Sanjoyda, and Elmoure the great guitar player of amarica. After all beacuse of his love, craze and expertations in music, people started to calling him ustad, even he is too young. he has several dicipels such as Nixon Herrey "a very good key-board player", Kesar Rajo, and several others also.

Name: Qawal Najmuddin
E-Mail: qawalnajmsaif@gmail.com
Field: Vocal
Address: Ibn-e-Suleman Manzil, Behind Ustad Bahauddin Qawal Street, Shoe Market, Karachi 74400, Pakistan
Telephone: +92 21 32742861, +92 333 3819562
Misc. Info : website www.qawalbachchay.com

Name: Haroon Shad
E-Mail: info@pianist-haroon.com
Field: Piano & Keyboard
Address: Lahore-Punjab
Telephone: 300-4691431
Misc. Info: www.pianist-haroon.com

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