Name: Elena Baldassarri
E-Mail: performingindia@yahoo.it
Field: Tabla
Address: via del Pratello, 4, 34135 Trieste, Italy
Telephone: 0039 040 44323, cell - 338 5266260
Misc. Info: Diploma in Tabla at Benares Hindu University has studied at the Music Akademy of Mumbai 'Ustad Alla Rakha', disciple of Ustad Alla rakha and Ustad Zakir Hussein

Name: Sanjay Kansa Banik
E-Mail: sbanik1@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Via Lodovico Pavoni,107, Rome, Italy
Telephone: 3203619537
Misc. Info: Have been Playing Tabla For last 25 years,and touring and teaching Tabla for last 4 years in Europe. Have been awarded National Award by President of India as well as various Award from India. I Got the First class First Position In the Rabindra Bharaty University in 2001.

Name: Riccardo Battaglia
E-Mail: ricbatt@gmail.com
Field: Sarod, Indian music
Address: Poggio Alla Lastra 2, 47021 Bagno di Romagna (FC) ITALY
Misc. Info: I am a performing artist and a composer. I have been learning sarod under Pradip Kumar Barot of Maihar Gharana in Mumbai and Hindustani classical music at Mumbai University. I teach sarod and raga analysis at Vicenza Conservatorium, Italy. As I am constantly travelling, the best way to reach me is by sending an e-mail.

Name: Rashmi V. Bhatt
E-Mail: rashmimusic@yahoo.co.in
Field: Tabla and other Percussions
Address: Italy, Rome
Telephone: 0039-3356024518
Misc. Info: www.myspace.com/rashmimusic. He has a very long experience in Teaching Tablas and the Art of Indian Vocal rhyhtms, the art of accompanying Bhajans and other Fusion Music with Jazz, World Music. He is invited to many International Festivals to perform with great Musicians hailing from India, Afghanistan,Iran, Marocco,Black Africa. He is the Art-Director of the World Rhythm Festival - Percussionistica

Name: Fabrizio Brua
E-Mail: fabriziobrua@gmail.com
Field: Sitar
Adderss: Via Alberti n. 2 Perugia (PG) Italy
Telephone: 347 19 48 751
Misc. Info: The cost for a lesson is Euro 50. My passion is playing and teaching indian classical music with my sitar. I�ve been playing sitar for more than 20 years under the tutelage of Maestro Gianni Ricchizzi ( Saraswati House, Assisi, Italia) and Pandit Amarnath Mishra from Varanasi.

Name: Bidhan Das
E-Mail: dasbidhan123@gmail.com
Field: Song (Classical And Vocal)
Address: Via Della Rinascita 22/4,. Marghera-30175, Venezia
Telephone: 00393511994734
Misc. Info:I am Das Bidhan from Bangladesh, basically i am teacher of classical song and folk song. i completed diploma with first class from Bulbul Lalitakola Academy (BAFA) courses was 6 years(2000-2006) (raag and Najrul songs), and 3 years(2006-2009) from chhayanaut cultural-center (Folk song) with 2nd class from Bangladesh, i have been awarded various award as a Classical and folk singer in my academic time. i also have been awarded best singer award from Nazrul institute dhaka bangladesh.now i am cultural secretary in venice bangla school, mestre , venezia.

Name: Gerardo Destino
E-Mail: gerardodes63@gmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Milan, Italy
Telephone: +39 342 6320277
Misc. Info: disciple of Pt. Shyam Kumar Mishra (Benares gharana) since 1988, M.Mus.from Prayag Sangeet Samiti (U.P., India), vast knowledge of classical and semiclassical talas, has been teaching and performing extensively in Italy and abroad and is available as a teacher and performer in Italy.

Name: Rosella Fanelli
E-Mail: deathlessrose@yahoo.com
Field: Kathak Dance
Address: Roma /Vicenza Italy
Telephone: 0039 3404892581
Misc. Info: Pravin Master in Kathak Dance Gold Medalist Allahabad Prayag Sanghit Samiti (India),Kathak "Nipun" Bhatkhande College Lucknow (India) Gurushishya Parampara Training under Guru Pandit Arjun Mishra Kathak Academy Lucknow.(India). Examiner in Kathak; Tabla; Sitar and Hindustani Vocal of Prayag Sanghit Samiti India at "Anila Sinha Foundation" Chicago Academic Professor at Conservatorio (Music Academy) of Vicenza (Italy) Teachings (Kathak Dance, Yoga) in Rome, Florence, Padova, Milan Available for Stages and Collaborations in Productions All Over The World. Visit my page on My Space www.myspace/rosellafanellikathak

Name: Edward Feldman
E-Mail: tablasounds@gmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Roma, Italia
Telephone: 348-996-6075
Misc. Info: Ed Feldman has studied tabla since 2001 under the guidance of maestro Samir Chatterjee. He has also traveled to India on 5 separate occasions furthering his study of rhythmic composition and improvisation within the context of North Indian Classical Music. In addition to continuing his classical training, he is currently involved in projects exploring the possibilities of combining tabla and Arabic Classical Music as well as Jazz. He lives in Rome, Italy. http://edfeldman.weebly.com

Name: Amandeep Kaur
Field: Music Vocal and Tabla
E-Mail: swarsadhana53@yahoo.com
Address: Soriano Nel Cimino, Viterbo. Italy
Telephone: Mob - 3208571498,3398707479
Misc. Info: I am post graduate from india.i am proffesional vocalist and tabla player. I did my vocal bhushan and tabla visharad from pracheen kala kendra chd.i am deciple of ustad kulwinder singh{deciple of ustad alla rakha khan sahib}i specialy awarded by parkash singh badal{CM of punjab}.in india i was working as a teacher.online lesson available....

Name: Giovanna Milanesi
E-Mail: performingindia@yahoo.it
Field: Hindustani Vocal
Address: via del Pratello, 4, 34135 Trieste, Italy
Telephone: 0039 040 44323, cell - 339 5089483
Misc. Info: Diploma in Vocal at Benares Hindu University, Disciple of Cittaranjan Jyotishi, eminent vocalist of Gwalior gharana.

Name: Nihar Mehta
E-Mail: niharmehta@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla/ Pakhawaj in ITALY
Address: 80 corso svizzera Torino ITALY
Telephone: 0033-626524814
Misc. Info: Les cours de Tabla et Pakhawaj (lunedi, martedi, mercoledi) � TORINO Italy

Name: Lisa Pellegrini
E-Mail: lisettapi@libero.it
Field: Kathak dancer
Italy, Parma
Address: 0039-3497946214
Misc. Info: www.lisapellegrini.jimdo.com

Name: Ravi (Varinderdeep Singh)
E-Mail: indiasegreta@yahoo.it
Field: Bhangra (Folk Dance from Punjab)
Address: Padova, Italia
Telephone: 3292446531 - 3456137020
Misc. Info: Bhangra dance teacher with my group "Bhangra Boys & Girls". I studied in DAV College, Jalandhar, and I've been practising this discipline since 1998. From 2001 to 2008 in India every year I won 1st position in "All India Cultural Festival" in Kartarpur. From 2009 in Italy I'm teaching bhangra to Italian people, and I'm performing with my group "Bhangra Boys - The Sons of Punjab" (nowadays with italian girls too). Fb: Bhangra Boys & Girls - Bhangra Italia - Youtube: Varinderdeep123

Name: Ashanka Sen
E-Mail: ashanka_sen@hotmail.com
Field: Sitar
Address: Via Bruno Cesana 6, 20132 Milan, Italy
Telephone: 333-3330712
Misc. Info: Sitar performance in Milan and Italy for the past 15 year. Teaching for the past 8 years. Student of Pandit Kartick Kumar for the past 30 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7E-IbMlotg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW3b6L9cbOQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvj8Ms977Xs

Name: Marged Trumper
E-Mail: holikarang@gmail.com
Field: Hindustani Vocal (classical and semiclassical)
Address: Padova/Rome, Italy
Misc. Info: Hons degree in Hindi with a dissertation on thumri, attended a 3 year academic course in Hindustani music and seminars. I learn from my gurus Padmavibhushan Vidushi Girija Devi and Smt. Sunanda Sharma (Banaras gharana) in india. I specialize in purab ang ki thumri. I've been learning dhrupad, thumri and khyal since 2000. I've held a Hindi language courses at Milan University. I hold regular Indian vocal music group courses in Padova and Rome. You can find more info on my website http://holikarang.wix.com/margedtrumpercanto

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