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If you are a sitar teacher, a tabla teacher, or an instructor in any form of Indian dance or music, you can add your name to database.  You can make modifications to existing listings by contacting the adminstrator.

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Name: Association Ragasanga
Email: ragasanga@yahoo.fr
Field: Tabla, Hindustani Violin, flute Bansuri, Sitar, Bollywood dance
Address: 99 rue du presbytère , 59182 Montigny-en-Ostrevent , NORD , FRANCE
Telephone: +33 (0) 3 27 95 50 18 / +33 (0) 6 75 71 76 59
Misc. : Please contact for performance or for information about classes and workshop. http://www.myspace.com/ragasanga

Name: Association Saptak Sutra
Email: saptaksutra@gmail.com
Field: Tabla, sitar, Vocal, flute Bansuri, Bollywood Song
Address: 28 rue voltaire 93100 montreuil ,France
Telephone: Tel 0033(0) 6 29 90 91 25
Misc. : Please contact for performance or for information about classes and workshop. saptaksutra@gmail.com

Name: Tristan Auvray
Email: terekete@gmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 6 rue Paul Albert, 75018, Paris, France
Telephone: +336 13 24 65 39
Misc. Info: Student of Pandit Shankar Gosh (from Calcutta) I organise next workshop with him in France in April.

Name: Sagar Barua
Email: bs_sagor@yahoo.com
Field: Vocal (bengali folk, modern, hindi/urdu Gazal)
Address: Paris, France
Telephone: 0615623102
Misc. Info:

Name: Bidushi Sudeshna Bhattacharya
Email: sudeshnasarod@gmail.com
Field: Sarod
Address: 9 Rue Crudere 13006 Marseille, France
Telephone: +33612580903
Misc. Info: www.sudeshnasarod.com , Master degree from University of Varanasi

Name: Nabankur Bhattacharya
Email: nabankurb@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 95 rue consolat, 13001 marseille, france
Telephone: 07-60-74-91-77
Misc. Info: http://www.myspace.com/nabankurbhattacharya

Name: Debashish Brahmachari
Email: dbrahmachari@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Carcassonne, Aude, South of France
Telephone: 00 33 6 09 20 20 65
Misc. Info: Please contact for performance or for information about classes and workshop.

Name: Srinwanti Chakrabarti
Email: srinwantichakrabarti@yahoo.co.in
Field: Odissi, Dance Education , Choreography
Address: Paris , France.
Telephone: (m) 09433196241 (res) 9874567605.
Misc. Info: www.srinwanti.com Srinwanti Chakrabarti (odissi)- a danseuse par excellence. Srinwanti has been pursuing the Gharana of Padmavibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra for last 20 years. Srinwanti Chakrabarti is an internationally acclaimed Odissi (Indian classical dance form) dancer, Choerographer and Dance Educator .Presently she is pursuing and researching on Dance Therapy to extend dance for therapeutic services.Srinwanti is the founder and artistic director of SRIJATI - A CENTRE FOR ART AND CULTURE based in Kolkata. Srijati is a research oriented cultural institute which has been functioning successfully since 2000.Srinwanti , a Postgraduate in Sociology , has dedicated herself to the rythms of dance which became vibration of her life.Srinwanti along with her dance troupe has performed widely throughout in India , crossing national boundaries Srinwanti has given series of recitals , conducted workshops , lecture demonstrations and presented choreographic works in U.S.A , CANADA and ENGLAND since 2005.

Name: Anuvab Chatterjee
Email: Anuvab_chatterjee@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Paris 75011, France
Telephone: 06 95 49 43 97
Misc. Info: http://www.anuvabchatterjee.webs.com

Name: Raphael LeCorre
Email: raphaelastro@wanadoo.fr
Field: Tabla
Address: 6, rue Charles Gounod 92500 Rueil Malmaison
Telephone: 0147515076
Misc. Info: student of Pt Krishna Govinda(Paris), Ustad Fayaz Khan and also Kalu zeria (Manchester, UK) Gradueted from the Prayag Sangit Samiti of Allahabad (india) Give Tabla course 30 Euro for one hour

Name: Balaji Naik D.
Email: balajinaik37@gmail.com
Field: Dance (Bollywood , south indian dances, folk dances) address: ris oringis, Paris
telephone: 751135086
info: i have experince of 10yers in field of dance teaching.have participated in major dance and reality shows in INDIA and hav won in them popularly known for bollywood and western style dancer in all major unversities in Hyderabad, India.

Name: Nicolas Delaigue
Email: nico_delaigue@yahoo.fr
Field: sitar, Hindustani Music
Address: Lyon, 69004 (France)
Misc. Info: Performer, Sitar and Hindustani Music teacher in France. Info at http://www.nicolasdelaigue.com

Name: Poonam Dhemre
Email: poonamdhemre@gmail.com
Field: Contemporary Indian and bollywood dance
Address: Paris, France
Misc. Info: Have learnt Bharatnatyam, a traditional Indian classical dance form, for 6 years. Extremely passionate about dance and would love to show you a little flavour of Indian dance and culture. Home classes possible.

Name: Subhash Dhunoohchand
Email: subhashsubhash@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 4, Allée du cap, 268 Sidr F de Mahy, St Pierre, 97410, Reunion Island
Telephone: 0262252061
Misc. Info:

Name: Arnaud Didierjean
Email: didier_arno@me.com">
Field: Dhrupad vocal...
Address: Lyon - France
Telephone: 00 33 6 64 73 01 60
Misc. Info: www.arnauddidierjean.fr - N‰da Yoga, chant Dhrupad...

Name: Jocelyne Fournier
Email: naghma2001uk@yahoo.com
Field: Kathak Dance
Address: Jocelyne Fournier (Présidente) Naghma France 34 rue des fontinettes Calais 62908 France www.naghma.co.uk:
Telephone: 0044 7984994877
Misc. Info: jOCELYNE'S classes are held in Pas De Calais France wednesdays and thursdays all year round except the months of July and august. December and May special classes are held by her guru Pandit Hirarlal from the Jaipur garana followes by a Gala of kathak dance. Her classes are also held in UK on Saturdays and Sundays. She has a masters in dance and oriental ballet. Check out www.naghma.co.uk for more info.

Name: Laurent Gherzi
Email: duosaaj@aol.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 12, rue E. Milan 13008 Marseille
Telephone: 04 91 71 78 02, 06 83 76 71 77
Misc. Info: Ecole de Zakir Hussain (pendjab) Cours toute l'année sur Marseille et Toulon. www.duosaaj.com, http://www.youtube.com/user/DuoSaaj

Name: Mansi Goyal
Email: mansigoyal158@gmail.com
Field: Bollywood dance, gujarati garba and raas
Address: 14 rue martignon, 92500 Rueil Malmaison, France
Telephone: +33 0953 55 1685
Misc. Info: Bollywood dance and gujarati garbha and rass will always relieve u from stress and will always keep you in proper spirit...with lots of enthusiasm and happiness...

Name: Ofra Hoffman
Email: ofrahoff@hotmail.com
Field: Bharathanatyam
Address: Paris, France
Misc. Info: www.ofra-dance.blogspot.com

Name: Megha Jagawat
Email: singhgudiya9@gmail.com
Field: bollywood and Kathak Dance
Address: 6 rue chappe, 75018 metro anvers
Telephone: 0033616892746
Misc. Info: I am a dancer who is giving classes in paris for all kind of bollywood (classical,semi-classical,disco, folk,) songs. i have given many shows of bollywood for the big event companies of the world.I belong to a family of kathak dancers who served in the courts of late maharajas of jaipur dynasty.  along with my husband Kamalkant i have also performed in all big classical dance festivals of europe, and still performing under the guidance of my guru and father in law Pandit girdhari maharaj. see my work at www.triwat.org

Name: Kamal Kant
Email: kamalkant@free.fr
Field: Kathak Dance, Tabla
Address: 6, rue Chappe 75018 Paris FRANCE 
Telephone: Tel: 0033(0) 6 16 89 27 46 (Mobil)
Misc. Info: www.triwat.org

Name: Seycha Karpagam
Email: seychakarpagam@yahoo.com
Field: Bharatanatyam Dance Performer and Teacher
Address: 70, Rue Philippe de Girard, Paris 75018 :
Telephone: 0609216846 / 0169431403
Misc. Info: Accomplished Bharatanatyam (classical indian dance) dancer. Achieved excellence under the tutelage of guru Jayashree Narayanan. Attained her bachelors in performing arts from Pondicherry University, India. Extensive teaching experience in India & France.Currently performs and conducts Bharatanatyam dance classes at her institute "Bharatanjali" in Paris.

Name: Latif Ahmed Khan
Email: lktabla@yahoo.fr
Field: Tabla
Address: Paris, France 92110
Telephone: 06 23 53 61 15
Misc. Info: De la garana de Delhi, purab baj, Ajrara baj. http://www.myspace.com/latifkhan

Name: Satish Krishnamurthy
Email: satish_kris@yahoo.com
Field: Mridangam, Ghatam
Address: 7 rue Beausoleil 22640 plenee jugon france, :
Telephone: 0683547960
Misc. Info:

Name: Ms. Maitryee Mahatma
Email: mpmahatma@yahoo.com
Field: Kathak
Address: Ms. Maitryee Mahatma chez Monique Ponzévéra 3 rue du 8 mai 1945, boite 34, Les Lilas 93260 France
Telephone: 0033 - (0)6 67 39 02 90
Misc. Info:

Name: Julien di Maiolo
Email: juliendm@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 24 Rue St Michel, Marseille, Bdr, 13, France
Misc. Info:

Name: Nihar Mehta (Association Saptak-India)
Email: saptakindia@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla/ Pakhawaj
Address: Nihar Mehta. 12 Rue Edith Duhamal, 06230 Villefranche sur mer. FRANCE
Telephone: 0626524814 / 0493018921
Misc. Info: Tabla Player, Teacher and Production of Concerts & Master Class. Facebook - Tabla In-Europe / www.tablaineurope.com

Name: Aritraa Mitra
Email: aritraa.mitra@gmail.com
Field: Kathak
Address: Paris
Telephone: +33 753480407
Misc. Info: I have been practising Kathak for the last 26 years under the tutelage of Guru Bandana Sen, one of the greatest living exponents of Kathak and a student of Pandit Shambhoo Maharaj. You can see videos of my dance performance in the following you tube links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDEmb9z6Lm8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO9rbTWKKZY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEl1f9omyf8

Name: Fred Nortes
Email: fredn75@yahoo.fr
Field: Tabla, Oriental Percussions
Address: Lille, Northern France
Misc. Info: - Studying tabla since 2002. - Student of Shri Amit Chatterjee (Kolkatta) since 2008. Lineage: Pandit Shanka Chatterjee. Tabla curriculum Pracheen Kala Kendra: Sangeet Bushan Final (3rd Year) Tabla Certificate in 2011. Pracheen Kala Kendra.

Name: Colombel Olivier
Email: colombelo@yahoo.fr
Field: Tabla
Address: 22 rue reniere, bordeaux, gironde, 33000, France
Telephone: 00-33-603157459
Misc. Info:

Name : Apoorv Paliwal
Email: paliwal.apoorv45@gmail.com
Field: Classical vocals (Khayal)
Address: Garches, Paris, France
Telephone: +33754006500
Misc. Info:

Name: Sreenath Pillai
Email: sreenath.PILLAI@etudiant.isa-lille.fr
Field: Indian Classical Music (Carnatic Vocal)
Address: Residence Notre Dame 20 Rue Lyderic 59800 Lille France
Telephone: +33- (0)
Misc. Info: I have a Carnatic Vocal (Senior) certificate and had learnt music for 15 years in Mumbai, India before moving to Lille, France this year for my masters degree in engineering. I have given a few concerts and stage performances in India. I also have learnt Hindustani Classical Music for 2 years in Mumbai, India. I have been teaching music in India fo the past three years and would like to start a batch here preferably on weekends. The charges would be € 20/hour.

Name: Vidushi Bhavana Pradyumna
Email: bhavanamusic8@gmail.com
Field: Carnatic Music and Bharatanatyam.
Address: Paris, France
Telephone: 0786756286
Misc. Info: Bhavana Pradyumna is an accomplished Carnatic musician and Bharatanatyam Dancer. She has completed her Masters in Carnatic Music from the University of Madras and has rendered many concerts from past 13 years in India, USA and France. She is a Disciple of Renowned Musicians Chitraveena Ravikiran and Chitravina Narasimhan. She is a graded Artist of the All India Radio. She is trained in Bharatanatyam by Renowned Gurus Dr.Vid. Malini Ravishankar, Vid Anuradha Vikranth. She is also conferred the title "Sri Ramanuja Paaduka Sevaka". She is the Cofounder of "Kalavardhini(r)", an Institution of Fine Arts. She also provides Vocal Support for Bharatanatyam and kuchipudi Programs. Bhavana has worked as Artist Affiliate and director of south Indian ensemble at the Emory University,USA teaching Carnatic Music and also worked at Kalaivani School in Atlanta, USA as Artistic Director teaching Bharatanatyam. She offers Music lessons individually and over Skype.

Name: Rishab Prasanna
Email: manager.prasanna@gmail.com
Field: Bansuri
Address: Paris, Nice, Toulouse
Telephone: (+33) 6 999 432 80 / 6 23 01 96 38
Misc. Info: http://rishabprasanna.webs.com/

name: Jyotika Rao
Email: jyotikar02@gmail.com
Field: Bharatnatyam (performances and classes)
Address: 60 rue des vignoles - paris 75020 - France
Telephone: 06 64 32 86 30
Misc. Info: https://www.facebook.com/bharatanatyamjyotika

Name: Dr. Megha Talegaonker Rao
Email: meghatalegaonker@gmail.com
Field: North Indian Classical Music (vocal & tabla)
Address: 78 Rue Eduard Villant Villaurbanne 69100, lyon (France)
Telephone: 0695 175 489
Misc. Info: I am indian classical vocalist in hindustani music. and i teach tabla Also. I am performing many places in india and france...present i am living at lyon (france)

Name: Pauline Reibell
Email: paulinereibell@hotmail.com
Field: Bharatnatyam, tango dance
Address: Paris
Misc. Info:

Name: Emilie Reveret
Email: emiliereveret@gmail.com
Field: Mohiniyattam
Address: Clermont-Ferrand, France
Misc. Info: http://mayadhara.chez.com/

Name: Lav Kumar Sharma
Email: lav.sharma@wanadoo.fr
Field: sitar and tabla
Address: 2 rue Blaise Pascal Champihny sur Marne, France also in Rouen, France
Misc. Info:

Name: Sharmila Sharma
Email: sharmila1sharma@yahoo.com
Field: Kathak Dance
Address: 3 villa caillebotte 92390 villaneuve la garenne France
Telephone: 0033147947256
Misc. Info: Website-www.sharmilasharma.com

Name: Shivkumar
Email: ptshivkumar@yahoo.co.in
Field: Hindustani classical Vocal
Address: Nanterre - France
Telephone: 033- 645 12 12 98
Misc. Info: Shivkumar - known for his best rendering of Hindustani classical , semi classcial, devotional, hindi , marathi, sanskrit bhajans, sufi, gazhals, qawalli , mantras, chants, etc... Shivkumar is equally educator of all this  forms of Indian Music Shivkumar is based  Paris - France founder and president of Swar Foundation - India and Swar International - France which works for the promotions of Indian arts, music and culture all over. - having collaboration with various artists from france shivkumar is having 5/6 music bands in Paris he plays Indian Classical, World music, Fusion for more informations please visit-- http://www.ptshivkumar.com http://www.swarinternational.org http://swarfoundation.org

Name: Ajit Singh
Email: ajitsitar@hotmail.com
Field: sitar (Performer & teacher)
Address: 7 Grand Rue 07200 Aubenas (Ardèche), France.
Telephone: 04 75 93 60 20
Misc. Info: ".....Following a long family tradition OF Gwalior Gharana, which over countless generations has produced many great masters (pandits) of Indian stringed instruments; Ajit Singh is known to music lovers in India and around the world for his sensitive approach to his instrument and his art." he gives performances, work shops and instructions/classes for Indian Classical Music; and he offers A special work shop on "sound energy" (3/5 days)can be booked to joining it for in Europe and in India . His schedule ; may-oct.....France (Europe) nov.---apl. in India (south) for more deatils please do write !! http://www.angelfire.com/va/visitvaranasi/ajitsitar.html web search ; ajitsitar

Name: Hiély Sylvie
Email: duosaaj@aol.com
Field: sitar
Address: 12, rue E. Milan 13008 Marseille
Telephone: 04 91 71 78 02, : 06 83 76 71 77
Misc. Info: Cours toute l'année sur Marseille et Toulon Style Beenkar. http://www.duosaaj.com/, http://www.youtube.com/user/DuoSaaj

Name: Juilee Thakare
Email: juilee18@yahoo.com
Field: Bollywood( Indian Film) Dance, Yoga
Address: Versailes, France 78 000
Misc. Info: 8 Euros per class, Dancing and Yoga help you stay in shape as well as keeps your Mind stress free and helps body release endorphins.

Name: Vashvi Thaker
Email: vashvi.thaker@gmail.com
Field: Dance teacher (Indian classical - Bharatnatyam, Bollywood, Indian Folk, Semi-classical, Spiritual [Yogic])
Address: Paris, France
Telephone: Landline: 01 43 31 70 26, Mobile: 06 77 40 33 49
Misc. Info: Pursued my Bachelors & Masters in Performing Arts (Bharatnatyam). Also, have received National scholarship from Ministry of Indian Cultural - Delhi. Having 6 years of teaching experience and experience of national level stage performance.

Name: Maitri Varma
Email: maitri_varma@yahoo.com
Field: Bharatnatyam dancer
Address: Resid home 512, rue christophe coulumb, Massy -91300
Telephone: +33759243262
Have learnt classical dance and performed few other styles as well.very passionate about dancing.please contact for performance or any assistance in teaching.




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