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If you are a sitar teacher, a tabla teacher, or an instructor in any form of Indian dance or music, you can add your name to database.  You can make modifications to existing listings by contacting the adminstrator.

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Name: Bhakti Devi
Email: bhakti-devi@gmx.at
Field: Bharatanatyam, Dancer, Choreographer, teacher
Address: Reinprachtsdorferstrasse  54, 1050 Vienna, Austria
Telephone: 0043 676 927 99 54
Misc. Info: www.bhakti-devi.com; www.indische-tanzschule.com; www.tanz-akademie.com, Indian Dancing School in Austria

Name: P.Senthil kumar
Email: senthilkumar@senthil.at
Field: Bharatanatyam dancer, (teacher and performer) also teaching yoga
Address: Julius-Tandler-pl.2a/10, A-1090 Vienna, Austria, Europe.
Telephone: +43 6506209410
Misc. Info: website - www.senthil.at

Name: Sita Subramanian
Email: sita_sam@yahoo.com
Field: Veena / Carnatic Vocal Singing
Address: Vienna, Austria
Misc. Info:  1. You may visit my webpage -- http://geocities.com/veenainvienna/1.html 2. My husband accompanies me on the Ghatam (south Indian percussion instrument) 3. We have posted one of our performances in YouTube.com.  You can just search for VeenainVienna and you'll find it.




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