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Purvi is considered to be the fundamental rag in Purvi That.  It is performed around sunset (Sandhi Prakash).  There are two philosophies concerning this rag.  The first approach is to use only the swar of Purvi That.  Unfortunately, this approach impinges upon Puriadhanashri.  The second and more common approach is to use a touch of Shuddha Ma.  We will only use the second approach here.

The structure of Purvi is a bit complex.  The inclusion of shuddha Ma forces a somewhat convoluted approach.  This rag is sampurna - sampurna with Ga as the vadi and Ni as the samvadi.  Here are its overall characteristics:


Ascending structure of Purvi
(general discussion of arohana) - (general discussion of notation)


Descending structure of Purvi
(general discussion of avarohana)


sampurna - sampurna - (general discussion of jati)


Sunset - (general discussion of time and rag)


Purvi That - (general discussion of that)


Pakad of Purvi

(general discussion of pakad)


Sa-Pa - (general discussion of drone)

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