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Bhimpalasi (a.k.a., Bhimpilasi or Bheempalasi) is a rag which is very much associated with a hot Indian afternoon.  It has five notes ascending and seven notes descending.  There are many film songs in rag Bhimpalasi.

Bhimpalasi is derived from Kafi that.  This that is very crowded with numerous similar rags, so it is very important to pay attention to their pakads, otherwise one may inadvertently impinge upon them, and thus spoil the performance.


Dscending structure for Bhimpalasi
(general discussion of arohana) - (general discussion of notation)


Descending structure of Bhimpalasi
(general discussion of avarohana)


Audav - Sampurna - (general discussion of jati)


Ma - (general discussion of vadi)


Sa - (general discussion of samvadi)


Afternoon - (general discussion of time and rag)


Kafi That - (general discussion of that)


Sa - Pa - (general discussion of drone)



Selected Video

Sitar Practice - Bhimpalasi Fast Tintal


Sitar Pracitice - Bhimpalasi in Rupak taal


Raag Bhimpalasi- Indian Violin- Raginder Singh


Raga Bhimpalasi Thaat Kafi and its song "Tu hai phool mere"


CHAURASIA at theatre de la ville


Nikhil Banerjee - Bhimpalasi - Alap



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