tabla gatta- tuning blocks for tabla-bayan

UPC - 674425116228

You buy your bayan, and everything is OK for a few weeks.  Then it gets loose, and is really not sounding good.  You need to put the wooden dowels in to tighten it up.  Why didn't they give you the tuning blocks, (gatte) when you bought the drum?  Who knows? You can just go outside and grab some sticks at random and bung it in somehow and it will work.  But hey, you are an artist and that is aesthetically unpleasant.

This is where these gatte come in.  They are the right length and the right diameter for almost any bayan.  They are machined wooden dowels with metal caps and lacquer coated for a professional surface.  But they are hand painted for a slight earthy quality which is so characteristic of the tabla.


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