Manufacture and Repair of Tabla

Manufacture and Repair of Tabla" is the third book in the series "The Complete Reference for Tabla".  The first two volumes are "Fundamentals of Tabla", and "Advanced Theory of Tabla".

This book has several functions.  The primary function is to document the traditional approaches to the manufacture and repair of tabla.  This will also deal with the materials science involved.  This book covers such additional topics as metal, rawhide, and wood. There is a also a discussion of the physics behind the instrument.  There is also a special emphasis on issues that effect non-Indian repair personnel.  These including labor saving techniques and health concerns.

The book has 216 pages. The cost is $45.99 It is spiral bound. The ISBN is 978-1893644113

Here are the contents:

Chapter 1       Introduction
Chapter 2       The Craftsmen
Chapter 3       Metal
Chapter 4       The Rawhide
Chapter 5       Wood
Chapter 6       Construction
Chapter 7       Tuning the Tabla
Chapter 8       Repair of Tabla
Chapter 9       Non-Indian Approaches
Chapter 10       Physics of the Tabla
Chapter 11       Health Issues
Chapter 12       Conclusion
Appendix 1       Glossary
Appendix 2       More on Wood
Appendix 3       Misc. Raw Materials
Appendix 4       Other Indian Drums
Appendix 2       Non-Tabla Applications



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