Learning the Tabla

This is a follow up for the very successful "Learning the Tabla".  This book / CD set continues where the first volume left off.  It may be used by schools and private teachers as course materials to aid in their instruction.  It may also be used as a self instruction set.

Here are the contents of the book.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 More Bols
Chapter 3 Mukhada and Tukada
Chapter 4 New Techniques for Familiar Bols
Chapter 5 Rela
Chapter 6 Another Kaida
Chapter 7 Pakhawaj Material
Chapter 8 More Tals and Prakars
Chapter 9 Transitions
Chapter 10 More Tihais and Chakradars
Chapter 11 Gat
Chapter 12 Laggi
Chapter 13 Conclusion
Appendix 1 About the Author

Here are the contents of the audio CD.  There are 71 tracks of examples, patterns, etc.

Track   Title
1   Mukhada in Tintal
2-7   Exercises
8-11   Mukhadas in Tintal
12   Mukhada in Jhaptal
13-16   Tukadas in Tintal
17   Exercise
18-20   Benchmark Tests
21-27   Exercises
28   Fast Tintal Prakar
29   Fast Dadra Prakar
30-31   Beginner's Relas
32   Kaida/Rela in Tintal
33   Swatantra Rela in Jhaptal
34   Delhi Baaj Kaida in Tintal
35   Exercise
36   Mukhada
37   Exercise
38-39   Mukhadas in Tintal
40-42   Exercises
43   Paran in Tintal
44   Tivra Tal
45   Chautal
46   Sooltal
47   Dhammar Tal
48-49   Ultra Fast Tintal Prakars
50   Dadra Tal Prakar
51   Jhaptal Prakar
52   Rupak Tal Prakar
53   Dipchandi Prakar
54   Kaherava Prakar (Bhajan Ka Theka)
55   Kaherava Filmi Prakar
56   Tilwada Tal
57   Jhoomra Tal
58-61   Exercises
62-66   Damdar Tihais in Tintal
67   Bedam Tihai in Tintal
68   Bedam Tihai in Rupaktal
69   Chakradar in Tintal
70   Gat in Tintal
71   Laggi in Kaherava



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