Fundamentals of Tabla
ISBN - 9-978-1-893644-06-9

This book went out of print for nearly 2 years.  During this period the few remaining copies soared in price to several hundred dollars, (when they could be found).  Now it is back in print.

You have purchased your tabla and you have a teacher.  You have been studying for a bit and you are completely confused.  What you learn doesn't seem to have anything to do with what you hear on the recordings.  Furthermore you have talked to other students from other teachers and they are using different bols and different fingerings.  It seems that the further you go the more confused you get.

Does this sound familiar?.  Don't blame your teacher, it probably isn't his fault.  He is just following a tradition of teaching which is centuries old.  Don't blame yourself, there is probably nothing wrong with you.

You need to buy this book to put things in perspective.  It will give you a good overview of the various techniques used by different gharanas.  It will also give you a vast amount of material which will put you ahead in the game.

This is the fourth edition of "Fundamentals of Tabla" (293 pages).  It is the first volume of a series of books on tabla.  (The second of this series is entitled "Advanced Theory of Tabla".)  It is priced at $44.95.  Here are the contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Getting Started
Chapter 3 Elementary Material
Chapter 4 Other Bols
Chapter 5 Theka and Prakar
Chapter 6 Purbi Baj
Appendix 1 Notation
Appendix 2 Sources of Tabla
Appendix 3 Sample Questions
Appendix 4 Misc. Tal
Appendix 5 Misc. Prakar
Appendix 6 Map of India
Appendix 7 Quick Reference Chart
Appendix 8 Paluskar Notation
Appendix 9 Technique
Appendix 10 Writing the Bols
Bibliography, Discography, and Web Sites



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