Chandrakantha Courtney & Dr. Kalpalatha Guntupalli

Devi Sthotra Kadamba Mala

This is a CD / booklet set of Hindu chants to the Indian goddess Durga.  It is packaged in a DVD style case.  It is priced at $17.95.  Here are the contents:

  1. Sri Ganesha Pratah Smarana Sthotram
  2. Sri Lalitha Praatahsmarana Sthotra
  3. Sri Durga Saptaslokee Sthotram
  4. Sri Argalaa Sthotram
  5. Sri Khadgamaalaa Sthotram
  6. Sri Lalithaa Trishati Sthotram

The lyrics are contained in a small 13 page booklet



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