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Advanced Theory of Tabla

     "Advanced Theory of Tabla" is the sequel to "Fundamentals of Tabla".  Where "Fundamentals of Tabla" concentrated on technique, "Advanced Theory of Tabla" deals with the various aspects of acoustics, compositional, and rhythmic theory, etc.  It is priced at $35.95.  It is 234 pages in length.  (isbn 0-9634447-9-4)  Here are the contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Timbre
Chapter 3 Timekeeping
Chapter 4 Lay (Tempo)
Chapter 5 Dynamics
Chapter 6 Layakari and Counter Rhythms
Chapter 7 Ancient and Obsolete Theory
Chapter 8 Introduction to Compositional Theory
Chapter 9 Compositional Theory (Cyclic Forms)
Chapter 10 Compositional Theory (Cadential Forms)
Chapter 11 Improvisation
Chapter 12 Stagecraft
Chapter 13 Computer Assisted Transcription and Analysis
Chapter 14 Conclusion
Appendix 1 Lahara
Appendix 2 The Strokes



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