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The music world is a different place today  The widespread availability of modern technology created whole artistic areas involved in sampling, resampling, modifying, mixing, and what-not have sprung into being.

Unfortunately, copyright laws mean that enfolding another's works into your own leaves you open to all types of civil and criminal liability.  This vulnerability makes it very difficult for you to deal with the various "entities" in the music business.  After all, you may have worked hard to create something, but if your work contains tracks, loops, or samples that do not belong to you, no one will, want to deal with you.  Your progress in the music business may come to a grinding halt!

We cannot change the copyright laws; but we can give you an inexpensive and painless way of licensing our material.  Most people find that their license allows them to do everything that they want to do, and the normal cost is between US$20 - US$40.  Most people find that it is easier and cheaper to license our material than to try and record and create their own!

The process is simple.  Navigate through the menus, and it will ultimately lead you to the appropriate license.  Fill it out, enclose a cheque or money order, follow the instructions and that is all there is too it.

Please note that these menus reflect the needs and culture of the street level artist.  If at some point you feel that this is just not reflecting your particular situation, feel free to contact me and we can probably work something out. (david@chandrakantha.com)




We presume that you have already purchased one of our CDS, and that you know what you want.  Therefore, let us begin by selecting the category of the CD that you are interested in.




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