Shri Hareshchandra Bhavsar is a consummate artist with a long period of training. He inherited his passion for music from his father and uncle.  He was not always a vocalist; at the early age of 10, he stepped into the world of music drumming on his tabla.  For well over 15 years Shri Hareshchandra accompanied his elder brother Shri Bhikhubhai Bhavsar on the tabla in numerous musical sorties.  During his apprenticeship he used to listen to the performances of the renowned percussionists, and instrumentalists both on stage and on All India Radio.  This early exposure enabled him to acquire a firm sense of rhythm.

      Pt. Bhavsar's vocal training was extensive.  He was greatly inspired and encouraged in the field of music by Shri Premshankar Naik who was the court musician of the ruler of Vansda State and the doyen of music in Bulsar region.  Pt. Bhavsar learned music regularly and systematically for about seven to eight years from his elder brother Shri Bhikhubhai Bhavsar.  He was also fortunate to gain fruitful guidance from no less a maestro than Pandit Jasraj the illustrious exponent of the Mevati Gharana.

      In Hareshbhai's style of music there is a beautiful synthesis of different gharanas.  The influence of Mewati gharana is drawn from Pandit Jasraj; the impact of Gwaliore gharana is derived from his elder brother and teacher shri Bhikhubhai who is a noted veteran.  One also finds the influence of Patyala and Kirana Gharanas.

      Shri Hareshbhai has given numerous successful concerts.  These concerts are not only in Gujarat but in different cities in India and abroad.  Sangit Alankar Shri Hareshchandra Bhavsar (Gold Medalist) has featured Mangal Variya Sangeet Sabha and also in National Program of music on AIR in 1977, 1988 and 1994 respectively.  He is a "grade A" artist of AIR and his music has been regularly heard from Akashavani Ahmedabad-Vadodara for the last twenty-five years.

      Pt. Bhavsar is a man of many talents.  He is inspiring teacher, an imaginative artist, and a selfless worker for the cause of music.  Under his inspiring guidance, many disciples have been able to attain distinction on music.  Many of his students have qualified for Sangeet Alankar, and Sangeet Visharad.  Even now, along with his constant practice of music, he trains younger talents.  For the last 20 years he guided "Kalayatan", the premier musical organization of South Gujarat as Honorary secretary.

      At present he is guiding about 100 students in classical vocal music from primary to post graduate level.  His first commercial audio cassette and CDs have been recently released.


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