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queries Nov 29, 2003 10:12 p.m.

I introduce myself as an ardent fan of Instrumental Hindustani Sangeet.

Being a very naive person to Indian music i am not sure of about following thgs can any one help:

1. Quite often we use word SOUTH INDIAN Music as a substitute for Carnatic Sangeet is it a universal expected term, I mean just because Carnatic Music is proliferating in South India we use south indian music and carnatic sangeet as antonyms.

2. I want to learn more about the Instrumental Indian Music especially "Hindustani Sangeet" besides is there any other good website also as a naive listener which Rags's Audio Cassette and CD should I Purchase, btw recently i bought the Audio Cassette on Instrumental India ...Sony Music

It would be very kind of you people to answer my queries


Chris Pereji
Re:queries Dec 02, 2003 12:03 a.m.

Surely. David and Chandrakantha's site is an excellent one. Keep visiting their site.

Here are a couple of excellent sites that you can visit: Click on 'music' and have fun. Enjoy. Please feel free to send me some feedback. My email address;

Good Luck.


Re:queries Dec 03, 2003 09:34 a.m.


North Indian music = Hindustani, and South Indian music = Carnatic. Those are the terms used.

The best place I've found online to purchase Indian music is ...

For information, check the links section of this website, as well as the links section of my personal website, and you're sure to find quite a few resources.

Take care,

Re:queries Dec 07, 2003 04:11 p.m.

welcome here and in the world of Hindustani Music.
David and Chandra's page is one of the best pages on Indian music, but if you want to check other interesting links pls visit also my links page on my site
If you want to learn more, first of all just listen listen, listen , without judging. The rest will come step by step.
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