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An INVITATION ..... Nov 05, 2001 02:20 p.m.

Ding ding ding ... a-ling ling lingggg!!!!! .... Howdy and Namaste !! ... I just want to extend an INVITATION to the visitors on these Boards ..... Particularly Mother SITA Devadassi of Budapest .... Dr.RITCHARD Maharaji .... and Ven. BUDDHISTMONK (whose lovely version of the METTA SUTTA I have already included on the new board) .... I am helping with a recently published SUSTAINABLE SOCIAL ETHICS website based near my Banana-eating tree-perch .... Please come and visit !!! ... Noble Sustainable Ethics related .... and POSITIVE and encouraging posts .... can be made onto the linked MESSAGE board .... Technical, Format-related, and any NECESSARY negative comments should be emailed to me at ..... .... the Site URL/ Address is ..... .... As some of you know DEVOTIONAL music is one of my MAJOR interests ... so with this prompting me I accepted an invitation to attend a CHRISTIAN Seventh Day Adventist (vegetarians!!!) Roof-repair Fund-raising concert last Saturday/ Sabbath night .... What a JOY that was !!! .... Grand-piano, multiple keyboards, various flutes, violin, guitar, vocal etc. .... and lovely SAMOOSAS and vegetarian HOTDOGS for supper !!! .... I can recommend the S.D.Adventists for devotional music concerts (and vegetarian HOT-DOGS !!!) after that music FEAST .... Try them out !!! .... there will be some in your region .... looking foward to your OFFERINGS .... for the time-being .... NAMASKARAMS
Re:An INVITATION ..... Nov 06, 2001 10:18 a.m.

Jaya Hanuman,

Thanks for the kind invitation, I have found the upnaway site, but how to go to sevanam?????? Can you suggest step by step? Hmmm, please don't talk to me about samossa, I go crazy for Indian food. My favourite is the dhal. A vegetarian hot-dog? Sounds more than interesting. I often visit here in Budapest a Hare Krishna snack-bar called Gopal, and they have excellent veggie burger! Yuuummm! Why can't McDonald's copy that stuff? I'll suggest them the veggie hot-dog. This can be a new challenge for the cook :o). So again, how to find your personal sevanam site?

Om Shanti
Mother Sita of Budapest

Re:An INVITATION ..... Nov 06, 2001 04:12 p.m.

Namaste Mother Sita !!! .... That URL/ address has been working O.K. over this side .... again .... .... Keep trying ... don't forget the little tilde (wriggly worm !) .... If you can think of an encouraging message, leave it on the LINKED message board .... let me know here or there if you have problems .... Blessings for-the-time-being ... Ding-ding -diiinnngggg !!!
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