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Introduction Jul 09, 2001 01:43 a.m.

Hey Guys,

I see you are very curious to know who we are. And you are right. Why not to introduce ourselves. I have already found a very precious friend on this site.
So, my name is Sita, I live in Budapest, Hungary, Europe, practice and teach yoga and that's how the love for Indian culture came into my life. I have always been a lover of music, and I have always been very much interested to play instruments, especially the piano. Then with yoga the need for organizing kirtans arose, and I took up the task to learn bhajans and Indian instruments. I started with the harmonium and karatal as they are quite necessary for devotional chanting. Then I acquisted a beautiful vocal tanpoura, and presently I'm studying to play the khol (or mrdang?). And I also have a set of Bansuri, which from time to time I play. I agree with Richard, to play the harmonium is something very uplifting, this is really my favourite instrument. My other great love is the tabla, I can never have enough of listening to it, and see tabla players playing. I have also a love for dance, so I am also studying Bharata Natyam. I think that's all that may be interesting. If anyone is interested in yoga or ancient Indian philosophy I may be of help.
You can always reach me at

And one more thing: tonight I go to see Remember Shakti with Zakir Hussain! That's still quite unbelievable for me....

Hope I have satisfied your curiosity, and other will follow the good example and introduce themselves.

Peace, love and happiness unto you all

Re:Introduction Jul 09, 2001 02:17 a.m.

Thank you very much, I read a few books about Yoga and use some of it in my martial arts workout. I know an instructor who owns a school in Denver Colorado and she came here and showed me a few things before. Ahh Tell me more about the Remember Shakti concert!! Did they play well? How was john looking? What other instruments besides guitar and tabla were there?
Re:Remember Shakti concert Jul 16, 2001 04:55 a.m.

Hi Monk,

So I saw them, a week ago, and still it seems like a dream. To say that the concert was amazing and breath-taking doesn't really express well how it was. I knew Zakir was wonderful, I have his tapes and CDs, but to see him in live was something very different. I understand now, why he is the BEST, why he is deified so much by all tabla players. It was simply unbelievable how he played. And to tell the truth the other musicians weren't either less virtuous. Oh, John Mclaughlin looked great, a very handsome man even at his age and an amazing musician himself. And the play of Srinivas and Selvaganesh was also something beyond all imagination! But Zakir has a magnetic aura, he attracted so much everyone's attention. My God! I want to see them again!!!

Best Wishes

Your lucky Jul 24, 2001 04:12 a.m.

Lucky to see them indeed
Re:Introduction Aug 09, 2001 07:11 p.m.

Hi!... Namaskarams Mother SITA Devadasi ... lovely to share your experiences and cultural studies I also have an interest in ALL those things ... Concerts I have assisted with lately include the VIOLIN MASTERS DUO ... Brothers Ganesh and Kumaresh R., with Neyvili.V on Mridangam ... and the VEENA MASTER Vocalist R.Venkatraman, with Kamalakar Rao on Mridangam ... How did you make out with the "knocking sound in your harmonium" ??? ... Have you a microphone to swap "items" using Yahoo VOICECHAT ??? ... I can explain the technique if necessary .... I cannot contact you with more specific comment at this time as your email address is apparently not reponding .... Jai Sri "knocking" harmoniumji
Re:Introduction Aug 10, 2001 09:32 a.m.

Jaya Hanuman,

Thank you for your sincere interest, that also sounds very interesting, your assistance at all those concerts with all those great musicians. Would you like to share more details about that with us here? The knocking sound is still there, I guess it is because under the keys there is no cloth, just the wood. My music teacher told me that it was such a model, and I should not bother about it. When I play chords it cannot be heard only when I play melodies. But by now, it disturbs me much less. I think I have got accustomed. Unfortunately I don't have neither a microphone nor audio sound on my computer, I could share items only in written....but I do look forward to hear about new techniques and try e-mail address does work, just have faith, endurance and do not give up for the first little difficulty.

Happy Sri Krishna Jayanti to all members of these forums, more peace and love unto you all!

Om Shanti

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