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tabla student Jun 13, 2001 05:15 p.m.

Hello, my name is Rajan Dharni. I am a tabla student. I am sure you've heard of the Indian hand drums known as the tablas. Unfortunately, my tabla teacher is no longer able to teach me. I love the tabla and want to continue to take lessons to expand my skill. I am looking for a new tabla teacher and am having difficulty finding one. I currently live in El Centro (right on the border of the US and Mexico in California), but I am willing to travel to San Diego for my summer lessons. This situation will last only until the fall, when I will move to Los Angeles to attend the University of California, Los Angeles. At that time, I will look for a teacher in the Los Angeles area. If you know of any tabla teacher who lives in the San Diego or Los Angeles region, please contact me and let me know. If you yourself teach tabla, I would be very grateful if you can send me information on your location, availablity of the lessons, cost per lesson, how many lessons per week and such. I seriously appreciate your time and efforts. Thank you.


Rajan Dharni
(760) 352-2418

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