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Senior Dagars New 2-CD release - Bihag, Malkosh, Kambhoji Feb 25, 2001 03:55 p.m.

I received 2-CD set of a new release by Raga Records featuring Bihag, Malkosh and Kambhoji by the Senior Dagar Brothers. The music on this set is wonderful, and we are fortunate that we have music of this calibre preserved for us to hear five decades later.

There are some very unusual combinations and usages of the Bihag
notes that i have not heard before. Also, the brothers use a lot of
saragams - unusual for dhrupad. I like that too, particularly being used to saragams (or swarams) in Carnatic music. Another nice aspect is that they often chant the full "Hari Om Narayan" instead of the usual "Ra Na Na Ri - Tom Nom" abbrreviations that are derived from Hari Om Narayan. There are some truly magical moments in these recordings. I have no hesitation in recommending the set to Indian classical music lovers.

The sound quality is acceptable, considering it was recorded (probably
non-professionally) in someone's house in Baranagore, Calcutta, in 1955. It sounds like the concert was held during the pooja season. During the first ten minutes, i could hear bells ringing, conch-shells blowing, and people chanting outside! Not objectionable at all - in fact, it adds to the ambience of the setting - that is reality in India! Enjoy!

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