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high quality harmoniums and scale changers Jun 09, 2004 05:35 p.m.

Some of the nicest harmoniums I have ever played or seen are being caried by the SRF gift shop in Encinitas California.

You can either buy any BiBA they have in stock or special orders can be placed defining exactly what you may want.

The quality of each instrument is unique and exceptional, 3/4/5 reed instruments made with either brass or copper/bronze reeds. Sustains of between 15 and 25 seconds for 3 reed instruments.

Scale changers with 3/4/5 sets of reeds, coupler or not, you can define the number of bellow folds etc.

Also, the nicest 2/3 reed dulcitinas both with multiple fold and fold out bellows, made from teak, indian rose or indian cherry wood. Devotional inlays of Krishna/Radha/Sita/Hanuman etc are wonderfully done to accentuate the beauty. Even real mother of pearl keys can be ordered.

Each instrument is defined and comes from India to Encinitas where we look it over for quality and then tune it yet again before it is shipped out.

many thanks

Re:high quality harmoniums and scale changers Jun 10, 2004 01:28 a.m.

where is the Biba factory in Delhi or India.?
No i dont mean the shop, but the factory!

What does a five set harmonium sound like.

Biba used to sell Sewing machines a few years ago..


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