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which harmonium should I buy and why? Oct 24, 2001 02:41 p.m.

hello friends.
I am going to purchase a harmonium. im debating whether I should buy the bina model 23A or the 23B deluxe (they are both shown on, under keyboards.) the main question I have is the main difference is one has "mulltifold bellows and the other has double fold. also the one the has the multifold bellows(23b dlx) also has 9 stops as opposed to 4. what is the difference in sound quallity as well as easyiness to play. and any other differences you know of. as well as any other kind of advise will be much appreciated.
thank you very much. please write back soon if you have the answers. thank you.
Re:which harmonium should I buy and why? Oct 24, 2001 03:31 p.m.

i would ALWAYS pay extra for quality so between thse 2, the deluxe looks far and away better than the other. There are no prices listed on that page so i don't know this difference. Probably HanumanBaba will let you know the best choice, hopefully even something better than what you've already decided, but the difference from one harmonium to another can be incredibly drastic, so i hope you make the right choice because you'll be MUCH happier with the SWEETER sound as well as the greater power of SUSTAIN. So good luck with your choice, and please do wait to hear from MasterHanumanBaba because he'll have the good advice for you.
Re:which harmonium should I buy and why? Oct 26, 2001 09:23 p.m.

Howdy Doody Sri Andre !!! ... or should it be Comment allez-vous .... In regard to your proposed purchase .... I would agree with Dr.RITCHARD re. quality make/ brandname (BINA is well known and experienced) .... only you know your needs .... lots of travel and movement (bicycle, camel, limousine ) or mainly played at the same place (shrine room/ gurdwara, etc.)The more elaborate the harmonium is (couplers, scale-changers, multiple reed-boards, fold-up features, etc.) the more servicing work for the HARMONIUM technician .... particularly suitcase CONCERT harmoniums .... amatuer TINKERING with these elaborate instruments just makes things worse !!! .... on the other hand simple single-reed-bank, bi-fold bellows, minimum stops instruments, like the old BINA No1, can be carried with a strap and played while walking around in the garden/ procession .... minor blockages/ repairs can be carried out by a careful child .... and they are cheap and readily saleable .... Make sure you get an enforceable guarrantee (Indian quality control and guarrantees are very suspect) .... Just a few pointers for the time-being ... Namaskarams.
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