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Beginner Sitar-er right here! Sep 13, 2002 03:39 p.m.

i am 17 and i would really like to start playing the soon as i heard it i knew that i had a connection to the music. but.....
how long would i have to save my money to get a sitar that would last me a few years at least?
would it be helpful to have a teacher (just maybe to learn how to sit maybe?)or could i learn myself?
if you wonderful folks could help me at all, i would be really happy!
~much love
Re:Beginner Sitar-er right here! Sep 13, 2002 03:56 p.m.

Hi Andee, Welcome. You can try Buckingham music but wait for some
other responses also, most people here knows whats going on and they'll set you in te right direction.Good luck
Jeffrey R King
Re:Beginner Sitar-er right here! Sep 13, 2002 07:37 p.m.

Hi Andee,
Where do you live? What's your musical experience, etc......also is your goal to learn Indian Classical or other music? As far as saving for a sitar, what is your budget and I can give you some can get a decent beginner sitar for under $400 new but have to be careful where you get it, also you can find some on ebay but best to post the link here and ask the opinions of the guys...
A nice book to look at to learn a little more is "The Sitar" by Manfred Junius. has them.......also if you can find (out of print) Ravi Shankar, My music, My life at your local library....that would give you a little more insight into the whole thing...


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