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manilal nag Feb 22, 2002 02:59 a.m.

Hi guys..Can can of you guys recommend anything by manilal nag..I have never heard him play and to be honest it was only from this forum that i first heard of him..since then i have looked at web pages that describe him as a wonderful sitarist..
Re:manilal nag Feb 22, 2002 08:21 a.m.

ANYTHING by Manilal Nag is good. His best IMHO is Classical Music of North India Vol. 1 but it's very hard to find and maybe out of print. has 2 of his CD's and they're both very good but the Live at Woodstock CD would be my first pick from there. Also check out and follow the link to the artists page and there you'll find some high quality Real audio music by Manilal from a concert where he played "Charukeshi." And that's free too..........
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