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Sitar teacher in Arizona Nov 08, 2001 03:11 a.m.

If anyone knows of a good, advanced teacher in AZ please let me know. I took lessons several years ago and would like more! Interested both in technique and the raags. Any videas beside the Batish ones?
Re:Sitar teacher in Arizona Nov 08, 2001 04:55 p.m.

I posed this same question to the SPICMAKAY Indian culture student chapter at UA in Tucson last year. The response was there is a local woman who sometimes takes students for sitar tutoring. I don't know anything about her, nor did I pursue it as I live about 300 miles away from there. But I believe there is a search engine for music teachers on this site, and I remember seeing her name listed. Look at some of the earlier posts to this board from a few months ago. That's all I know in Arizona.
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