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Swar Systems
Job openings for VC++ developers in Delhi Mar 16, 2001 03:55 a.m.


Swar Systems is a Switzerland-based company specialized in Indian music software. As we extend our operations to India, we are looking for software developers with a minimum of 4 years experience in object-oriented programming and custom GUI design using VC++ and MFC. Candidates should also have a good knowledge of at least 2 of the following subjects:

- sequencers and MIDI/audio software
- DirectSound and DirectMusic APIs
- UML modeling tools
- Indian classical music

Posts will be based at Delhi. To apply, please email us a detailed resum´┐Ż to We will ensure your secrecy is preserved.

We also welcome any proposals for partnerships on the sub-continent. Feel free to forward them to

Thanks for your attention.

Swar Systems
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