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tabla pakhawaj Oct 14, 2003 08:34 a.m.

Hello everybody
I just bought a tabla pakhawaj from an italian shop ( It's a very big tabla, maybe 35cm high and 20cm diameter. I love the very deep sound!
But it lacks a bit of clarity. It's currently tuned to G. do you guys use this type of tabla? Can I tune it a little up, like A or B?
thanks and a good day to you all
Re:tabla pakhawaj Oct 14, 2003 12:16 p.m.

First of all its just a tabla, it just sounds like pakhawaj. And I wouldn't suggest tuning it up anymore unless the head already has a lot of slack in it. What is the diameter, generally 6.25" will be about an F give or take a note or two.
Beenkar Ted Ceplina
Re:tabla pakhawaj Oct 15, 2003 09:18 a.m.

You have a rare treasure now.
I have one having about 17 cm of diameter, being on C sharp, one octave below the standard for 5 1/4 inches tablas. Never stress the skin. It has it's own tonal qualities. It won't reach the crispness of smaller ones. Enjoy the bell ringing coming out. If you study a pakhawaj-oriented gharana, you'll be especially pleased by the powerful ta ka, te te, dum sounds. I've also heard that in older ages the normal size was more close to this than the modern miniatures. Yes, portable tabla emerged together with travelling musicians. Have fun!
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