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BOLS on left Aug 30, 2003 08:38 p.m.


can anybody tell me, how the system works with the left hand?
i mostly use the 1,2 and 3 finger of the left hand. but i am never shure about the correct choice of them. when i bend up the tone, i move with the fist up, that means it is the same movement as when i tap the edge with my 1. finger. is this the correct way of bending? is there maybe an unmistakeable introduction to this?
and also i am never shure what is ti, te, tee, tay...
there are many describes, but they are all different...
where can i get the absolute correct guide for the correct bols and bendings?



Re:BOLS on left Sep 01, 2003 05:40 a.m.


I don't put too much thought on which finger to use when I bend up or which finger when I bend down. I simply use my fingers freely and it works well. My bayan sounds/technique are (arguably very) good. I use only two fingers, index and middle finger. Very rarely I use the ring finger. I think you will find the correct way(to use your fingers) when it feels easy to play and sounds good. Some books tell you to use that finger when bending up or use that finger when bending down. The choice is yours if you want to follow it or not. The bayan can be immensely expressive and for this reason I try to give freedom to my fingers over it. Listen the Pandit Kumar Bose's "Drums of India" and visualize the freedom.

Ti, Te, Tee and Tay are in general dry bols played on the Syahi(black circle on the dahina). The reason for diferent names is to do with
1 ) phrases( e.g. tirikita) where the first ( ti ) is played with the middle finger(middle and ring finger for Banaras style), the ( ri ) is played with the the index , the (ki ) on the bayan and the last bol (ta) is again played like the first. The phrase could also be called terakita, teteketa, ttkt etc.

2) In the west we ussualy use Te Te for Te Tee . In India, the Te(middle and ring) and Te(index) are written in different ways. Thats why you see Te and Tee. They should also sound different. When you play a Kaida like

Dha Te Te Dha Te Te Dha Dha Te Te Dha Ge Tin Na Ki Na

You have to make sure that the two te's will sound distictly one from the other so as to give some "body" to the Kaida.

Sometimes you will see Ti instead of Te. Ti could also mean other strokes other than on the syahi. Tay I thnk is found mostly in Katak dance but also some pleople use in place of Te in ordinary tabla compositions.


Re:BOLS on left Sep 05, 2003 02:33 p.m.

On the bayan, I use index and middle finger mostly, and I use them alternatingly: example in kaherwa - I will use index for Dha and the middle finger for Ge. This gives me speed, freedom and expression.

For the sake of speed, I might find me using the ring finger sometimes too, but more than that I run into the use of all the finger like a cobra hood.

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