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Who's an Ustad or Pandit Dec 30, 2002 10:44 a.m.

Someone asked the question what makes someone and Ustad or Pandit , what's the difference
I found this glossary of terms. That might bring the question to light.

Titles given to Indian musicians

Sri >"Mister"
Pandit> Hindu title meaning "master"
Ustad >Moslem title meaning "master"
Acharya> the most knowledgeable person in their field

Baba> father

Kalidas Sanman> an honor bestowed in the name of Kalidas

Khansahib> Moslem title of respect for a person knowledgeable in their field

Padma Bhusan> honor bestowed in India meaning Jewel of the Lotus

Padma Vibhusan> the highest honor presented to a civilian in India

Sangeet Samrat> Emperor of Music

Swara Samrat> Emperor of Melody

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