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Salil Sharma
What's going on? Sep 30, 2002 02:42 a.m.

Can any one answer why Indian artists of classical music or tabla are so scared of teaching real technique of the art to others? Why these guys are running out to teach foreigners? Is this (music) something comes from mother stomach so can not be learned ? Why the hell this clasical music is considered as complicated one ? Is it just created by some self-centered people who do not want to promote music? or scared of introducing new things so old styled things will be faded? Go to Guruji and serve him for whole life then you will gain something? Now young artists have started indulging into "Fusion" type of thing, why this collaborative approach, Classical music is not changed much in 2000 years, basically it is a pleasing art to use pure sound based on folk music or music sung by native people. So why this much of polytics and complication? My Friends in Adelaide are expressing this so I am conveying it to our communal community where you get good music knowledge if you speak particular language or provided concerts for GuruJi type of people. I know real gurus never ask for anything but selfish people learn art and misutilise this for blended music or inspired music such as Bappi Lahiri. These days new Syndrome is going on, on Muma bai screens; rising directors are picking foreign folk songs or film songs and copying them into Indinised songs? Is classical music became so weak that Indians need foreign inputs to please mass of 1 billion.
Re:What's going on? Sep 30, 2002 02:31 p.m.

Sorry you feel this way. Speaking as a western "foreigner", I am learning the classical instrumental form from a teacher. He allows me no "interpretation". This is fine by me. However, I play a spectrum of music, and see no problem in also playing mixed styles for fun and enjoyment. I think you're OK just as long as a clear distinction is made between classical and other styles. Yes of course classical stands on its own. It is a discipline which forces you to play or sing to the highest established standards. But I believe there will always be an evolution of music necessary to keep it from becoming old and stale. The oldest ancient forms have all but been forgotton in favor or modern interpretation and style. And this was done by Indians themselves, not westerners! Of course, feel free to disagree with anything I've written.
Re:What's going on? Sep 30, 2002 10:22 p.m.

I would read about the entire history of hindustani music. As tabla players we focus more on the khyal style. And the style we play today is fairly new, maybe 150 years old. Indian classical music has been through many stages. Once mostly played for the Rajs and kings . Even longer ago there was a time when the music was banned by the moghuls. But many of the modern changes were pionered by the like of Allaudin Khansahib, he changed the sarod and it's place in music , similar changes took place for the sitar. Artist like Ravi Shankar changed the music making it more prolific then it ever was and we have to take into account the advent of recordings which has also changed the music but these are not bad changes. Sadly enough there is a large majority of Indians that don't really know there own music. This is a fact of life and there are many political issues around the music including carnatic. But we must understand something about music , it is like art it has it's own soul and goes where it will , like a person you can raise it, influence it but you can't ultimately choose it's destiny. Better to go to your own child and try to force them to be what you want. And like a person music must have food to survive . The artist that plays must eat in order to play so money will always have an effect and influence on music. We can't expect it to always be some perfecty austere thing. A starving musician cannot play so that philosophy makes itself extinct. So wake up!! Enjoy what music is you have no control. You can have an influence, use your wallet buy what you appreciate this feeds whatever part of the music you like. This is one of many ways to pay a service to the music. That's what these great artist have done that's why they say that they have sacrificed so much for the music ,they have given there life hour after hour practising , many have missed there entire childhood. Yes some get lucky and appreciated but even Zakir is not that rich. Music is his wealth and how fortunate we are to get an earful.
Save your own soul don't be so angry or concerned about the soul of music I think she is one of lifes most beautiful things and I think she's going to make it.
Re:What's going on? Dec 10, 2002 03:14 p.m.

what a beautiful reply!
hear hear!
Re:What's going on? Dec 12, 2002 06:58 a.m.

you are all very sad. ever heard of a life???
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