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After inspecting the tabla set Jul 10, 2002 07:22 a.m.

hi all again!
after few months the tabla arrived!
The guys who brings me said that they are good quality, the look was good as the conditions of the straps, pudis and shells .
I could hear sound from each drum.
I did all the tests i could to inspect them altought i am a beginner as you all know..
Then i buyed them!!!
Now the trouble is that they seems to have no tabla sound and I have to tune them.
The bayan has only a 3-1 ratio and needs maybe also some gatta to set it up well.
The dayan has a 3-1 ratio, the gatta are not fixed and the pudi seems a little bit malformed, i cannot hear any persistent sound.
Is it possible to tune them properly and easily?
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