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electronic music and tabla Jun 14, 2002 07:21 p.m.

this came up earlier in the "looking for a genre" string but i thought id post fresh.

my site for my middle eastern electronic music is up finally ( takes a while unless you pay them)

please take a listen if you are interested. ive used dumbek and tabla as well as other instruments. all of the dumbek samples were recorded myself from my drum. the tabla samples are from a program called swar shala (before i had my own set of tabla) all of the beats were programmed a single note/stroke at a time, no loops or patterns written by other people.

not the way tabla (or dumbek) were originally intended, but i love the instruments thats why i want to play them for real

thanks for listening and feel free to leave me some feedback (all creative criticism welcomed and appreciated)

Re:electronic music and tabla Jun 19, 2002 03:15 a.m.

good grooves, man
some parts could be shortened (especially on heliotrope), i think, or more variations added.
Anyway the the progression works.

What kind of machine do you use?

Re:electronic music and tabla Jun 21, 2002 12:55 a.m.

thanks. i have a few more i hope to have up in the next week or so.

yeah, i do tend to get repititious, i like the trance state that can induce. what i plan on doing (on some but not all) is going back and not changing the patterns or adding more variations, but adding strings. i play some bulbul tarang and baglama saz, as well as guitar and bass and was going lay some of that on top.

as for what i use. a pc with a program called buzz ( its kind of archaic, but extremely powerful. it uses an interface similar to old "trackers" on commodores (trackers are programs for using samples to create pattern based music) but for windows with a more graphic interface. its got a bit of a learning curve, but i got it before all of these fancy programs (acid, fruity loops, rebirth) came out and im used to it. i load up single note/stroke samples (like din, na, etc on tabla) and put them together in patterns, then organize patterns. some of the instruments are samples of my collection that i recorded myself (some of the drums, the dumbek, some winds and strings too).

anyway, thanks for the kind words, and feel free to check back.

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