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Some Sarangi patterns? May 12, 2002 08:57 p.m.

Hello all. When I practice my tabla soloing I have been recording the theka into my looper two times in a row, then trying to add a little meldoy in with my guitar, and I understand scale forms and the scale forms of ragas, but none of my patterns seem to be as catchy and atmospheric as the sarangi and sitar patterns i hear behind recorded tabla solos by Zakir and Allah Rakha, and Chartal Lal and all other famous tabla players. Can anyone give me any tips on these patterns to play behind a solo?
Re:Some Sarangi patterns? May 13, 2002 02:06 a.m.

In the end of David's book Advanced theory of tabla there are quite a few leharas in different tals. I hope that helps.
Re:Some Sarangi patterns? May 13, 2002 03:35 a.m.

It's because your playing a guitar.
Re:Some Sarangi patterns? May 13, 2002 08:07 p.m.

famous lehra (tintaal) in raag Chandrakauns:
S S S S / N D N S /
N D M GS / G M D N /

Remember that in raag
Chandrakauns both Ga and Dha are komal and Ni is Shudha.

Re:Some Sarangi patterns? May 13, 2002 08:30 p.m.

Thanks all, It did cross my mind that I was playing a guitar, But I am playing with a bow so it sounds very similar to a violin. The tone isnt what I am concerned with, it is the notes. Thanks again
Re:Some Sarangi patterns? May 14, 2002 01:31 a.m.

Thats interestin, never thought you could play a guitar with a bow...also try alternative tuning for your guitar, i'v tuned my guitar to (lets say lowest string E) so: EBEBE (it only has 5 strings), but the sound is very nice, specially if you play it like a sitar, using only the higher strins for playing and the lower strings for drome. Make up your own tunings to fit your playing.

If you want to play like the masters, I sugget you learn to channel your feelings to the instrument, so whatever you play it'll be great.

Re:Some Sarangi patterns? May 14, 2002 06:54 p.m.

Yeah when i play with my pick and my fingers I have tried alternate tunings to make drones and things. Becuase my guitar is archtopped i can play the highest and the lowest strings with my bow, it sounds pretty much like the tone of a violin only it lacks that sliding and free pitched sound. In the mix though, no one can even tell. They ask me "did you use a violin for that part" No its a guitar.
Re:Some Sarangi patterns? May 15, 2002 02:05 a.m.

Use a slide for the meends.
Re:Some Sarangi patterns? May 15, 2002 05:21 p.m.

did you learn classical guitar from a guru?
Re:Some Sarangi patterns? May 16, 2002 12:58 a.m.

I woudnt call myself a guru but I'm not bad ,
I actually play Oud more than guitar, and planing on starting Saz, since Sitars are too hard to come by, (and expencive). But as my main 'job' I play Tabla.
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