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How to play Ti ri Ki ta ::::: Feb 04, 2002 12:50 p.m.

I am a student learning Tabla. I have been playing Ti ri ki ta in a
following Manner:
1. Ti with middle finger 2. Ri with first finger 3. Ki : on dagga wth left palm... 4. Ta with middle finger again...

But when I try to play Ti ri ki ta ti ri ki ta ... Then it is a little bit difficult.
2. I know people have benn playing the last bol : ta with ring finger so that the next ti can be played with the middle finger.

If I continue to play the way described above in step 1. can I succesfully achieve good speed after a good amount practice like 1 or
2 yrs?

I need a serious advice on this one....

Re:How to play Ti ri Ki ta ::::: Feb 04, 2002 03:05 p.m.

I have playing with
1) Ti with the middle
2) Ri with the first
3) Ki on Dagga using the palm.
4) Ta using the ring finger.

I believe this would give you a good finger positioning especially when you play TiRakiTa in faster speeds.

Re:How to play Ti ri Ki ta ::::: Feb 04, 2002 06:26 p.m.

Ti- middle and ring
Ri- first finger
Ki-palm left hand
Ta-same as ti sometimes same as ri
Re:How to play Ti ri Ki ta ::::: Feb 05, 2002 02:59 a.m.


Just play tirikita the way you do so. If you r playing tirikitatirikita, the last bol(ta) of the first phrase will end with the middle and ring finger and the first ti of the second phrase will also start with middle and ring finger. Fingering doesn't change only it becomes more difficult b'cause of the same fingers ending one phrase and immediately starting another one. Lots of practise and in two years u will be there.

Re:How to play Ti ri Ki ta ::::: Feb 07, 2002 04:09 p.m.

i just play:

(tirikit taka) a bunch of times. note, the ta in taka is played with index finger on sihai (black). i kind of variation i guess. may be helpful.
Re:How to play Ti ri Ki ta ::::: Feb 07, 2002 06:20 p.m.

My teacher has told me that all depends of how much power you want in your sound.
If you'r playing a delicate Delhi gharana composition you can use only your middle finger on Ti, but if you'r playing a big, full tone, Benares gharana composition you can use middle, ring and little fingers together on Ti.
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